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The Karamchedu Killings-The Essence of the NTR Phenomenon

make concessions just as his mother leaned on the Sikhs throughout 1962 and 1983. The sudden enquiry announced into charges of corruption against Bhajan Lal may be calculated to quell him for the time being. If Bhajan Lai doesn't try to scuttle the accord the Lok Dal and BJP are trying hard to.

ANHRA PRADESH-Indravelli 1985

ANHRA PRADESH Indravelli 1985 KB THE Seventh National Highway, in its run from Hyderabad to Nagpur, leaves the Godavari basin at the commercial town of Nirmal and climbs on to the West- Central highlands of Adilabad by a brisk series of twists and turns picturesquely called Mahbub ghat; and then it has a run of about 50 kms on the plateau before it dips again into the sweltering district headquarters town of Adilabad. If, on the 20th of April this year, you happened to be on this road or in the teak forest flanking it, you would have seen a very odd sight. You would have observed pickets of 4 or 5 reserve constables armed with rifles holding up traffic every now and then and subjecting the passengers of buses, lorries and jeeps to a close scrutiny. They even pull out some people from the buses, and some vehicles are stopped altogether.

ANDHRA PRADESH-A False Resurrection-Rise and Fall of Rama Rao

ANDHRA PRADESH A False Resurrection Rise and Fall of Rama Rao KB THE trunk route from Madras to Calcutta passes through the four rich coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh

ANDHRA PRADESH- Agrarian Politics by Other Means

things, since Sikhs and Hindus of Punjab do not only speak the same language, but are also tied by kinship, having brothers and relations in both the communities. But when after all these years, even the Sikh intellectuals attach priority to their religious faith over loyalty to the more important political demands, the kinship seems to be a mirage, existing in a lunar landscape where a brother can be mistaken for an enemy.

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