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Do Parents Spread Educational Expenditure Evenly across the Two Genders?

This paper tries to examine the gender gap in educational expenditure in two states of north India using the data on education from the Living-Standard Measurement Survey (1997). Our results show that parents exhibit a gender bias while educating their children. Using controls for caste, religion and the level of development in the community, the paper finds that the size and extent of this gap differ across the age groups of children. The results, in general, are found to be more robust when information is used at the individual level rather than at the household level.

Impact of Terrorist Attacks in US

The impact of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 has generated a consensus that the attacks would have an impact on financial markets, foreign exchange markets, commodity markets and many other macroeconomic variables. This essay is an attempt to examine the impact of the attacks on exchange rates, stock prices and prices of some commodities. Our results demonstrate that the impact on stock prices is short-lived whereas the effect on exchange rates is persistent. We also note that exchange rates behave differently for developed countries compared to the developing ones. Finally, movement of commodity prices in India is similar to that of global prices.

Volatility of Stock Returns

This paper investigates the volatility of stock returns in some Asian emerging markets in terms of the volatility of domestic and external factors. We found that both domestic macroeconomic variables and international variables are found to have explanatory power for stock return volatility. The evidence strongly suggests the presence of a significant contagion effect and integration of capital markets in this region. We also document that the role of government in terms of fiscal and monetary policy in the smooth functioning of the stock market is crucial in this region.

Development under Imperfect Markets

Development Microeconomics by Pranab Bardhan and Christopher Udry; Oxford University Press, Oxford; 1999, pp vi+242, Rs 425.

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