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ZIMBABWE-Economic Roots of Political Crisis

complex and wide ranging enquiry on a subject which has had a past and will have a future. It is high time SINCE Joshua Nkomo, the leader of the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU) has returned from his self- imposed exile in England, and reclaimed his parliamentary seat in Harare, it may be time to examine the complicated clashes between the Zimbabwe army and the Northern population of the Ndebele. Western press reports had ascribed the bloody civil discord to tribal and factional factors inherent in Zimbabwean society. Zimbabwe's present crisis can be located above all, in the socio-economic pro- blems of post-independence reality, and the international factors therein. Apart from this general point, however, it is essential to recognise the role of South Africa, which dominates and subverts the infrastructure, and the consequences of the Lancaster House agreements that served as the mechanisms for the transfer of power to the Patriotic Front comprising Nkomo's ZAPU and Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).

MOZAMBIQUE-Coping with Drought and South African Subversion

November 5-12, 1983 soever carefully planned, cannot be a substitute for efficient management which alone can restore viability to mills. Unfortunately, neither the pub lic sector nor the private sector has much to show by way of efficient management. That is where the rub lies.

War History of North-East Africa

"Conflict and Intervention in the Horn of Africa" is, therefore, an insider's view of history and current events in the region. It deals with the conspiracies and conflicts between the superpowers within the politics of the Horn, but it also focuses on the social upheavals, national aspirations, conflicts and class struggles of the peoples of the region.

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