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India-China Border

India-China Border IN his article 'India-China Border: A Review and Critique' (EPW, May 15, 1982), Parshotam Mehra refers to the concluding remarks in my paper 'Distortions in the History of the Sino- Indian Frontiers

Distortions in the History of Sino-Indian Frontiers

Distortions in the History of Sino-Indian Frontiers Karunakar Gupta Distortion of history, suppression of facts, and withholding of official documents relating to the frontier from independent historians have been as much responsible for the aggravation of the Sino-Indian border conflict as the deliberate and even official incitement of 'nationalistic' emotions in India.

Vietnam s Heroes

Vietnam's Heroes Karunakar Gupta Vietnam's Will to Live: Resistance to Foreign Aggression from Early Times through the Nineteenth Century by Helen B Lamb; Monthly Review Press, New York : London. (Distributed in India by Oxford University Press.) THIS book claims to be a comprehensive history of Vietnam. There are few books in the English language on the history of Vietnam as such. In 1958, another American scholar, Joseph But- tinger, wrote the first book in English, 'The Smaller Dragon'', which could bo called a history of Vietnam. During the , last sixty years or so, several excellent histories of Burma, Thailand and other South-East Asian countries have been written. But a reader in English language will find only the most cursory treatment of the history of Vietnam in the few histories of South-East Asia, or brief surveys in the introductory chapters of a number of books on French Indo-China and Asia as a whole.

Hidden History of the Sino-Indian Frontier-II

Karunakar Gupta The negative role of the Historical Division of the External Affairs Ministry in keeping the Government of India and the public completely misinformed about the true history of the India-China border has been a major cause of the continued statemate over the Sino-Indian frontier. Ramsay Muir's dictum, 'bureaucracy is like fire; invaluable as a servant, ruinous when it becomes the master', is applicable to the officials of the Historical Division of the External Affairs Ministry who were able to hamstrung Nehru's original diplomacy which sought to work for a modus vivendi with China, solving the boundary problems on a compromise basis.

Hidden History of the Sino-Indian Frontier-I

societies, erc. These were all predictable problems and are not proving insurmountable given the combined strength of the state machinery and the CUAC. At times, members of the cooperatives have been directly approached by representatives of the state and the federal units; promised some illusory benefits (higher prices, reduced rites of interest, etc) as a result of amalgamation and in this manner the pace of amalgamation has been forced.

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