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Hindutva's Psychological Warfare

Hindutva demands self-erasure from the minorities as the price of being part of the nation.

Police in the University

On Thursday, 12 September 2013, a 50 strong police contingent drawn from the Maharashtra Police Force, the Delhi Police Special Cell and the Maurice Nagar police thana, raided the residence of G N Saibaba, an assistant professor in English at Ram Lal Anand College.

Of Reservations

The death of Senthil Kumar, a dalit student of the University of Hyderabad, and the article on his life by N Sukumar (EPW, 15 November 2008) are a brutal reminder of the dehumanising social reality prevailing on our campuses, despite all the talk of social empowerment and advances achieved by Ind

Manning the Border-Gender and War in Border

Even while the discursive registers of the film open and engage with a series of questions ostensibly regarding the legitimacy or justifiabilitSy of war, at no point does 'Border' ever visually deviate from the representation of the battle as a 'dharmyudh', a war of righteousness. Consequently, when the heroic Indians/Hindus die, they must be seen to do so spectacularly, yet without disintegration, and with dignity, concealing both vulnerability and indignity.

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