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Reservations and the Return to Politics

The history of reservations in India shows it to have been an instrument of governance, a mechanism for social and political representation, rather than a way of achieving social justice. A return to the foundational moment of the modern Indian nation state to examine the conditions of possibility of political self-constitution that prevailed then will set us on the right track to an understanding of the political role that reservations have played and continue to play in a polity that is divided.

Rhetoric of Neo-Liberalism

individuals who are not as yet in possession of state power On the contrary, such a strategy encourages the progressive takeover of state power by communal elements, as well as the degeneration of the moral and ethical basis of civil society. Not all of us are physically and temperamentally equipped to fight the fascists 'in the streets', but all of us can certainly do something to expose and combat the communalisation of the state, to struggle against the prevailing authoritarian culture which encourages uncritical acceptance of communal propaganda, and to counteract callous indifference or hostility to people of other communities. Above all, we need to create a positive alternative vision of community by building relationships of solidarity, friendship and love across traditional barriers. There is no cause for complacency or excuse for inaction so long as anyone is threatened with persecution of any sort, nor can we afford to be confused about our principles and strategy when lives may depend on our ability to think clearly and act decisively.

Capital Adequacy Gaps for Banks-Problems and Prospects

Problems and Prospects K Satyanarayana This paper attempts to analyse the capital adequacy position of all the public sector banks and a sample of 14 private sector banks. Both the apparent and real financial positions of these banks are brought out with the help of a few visible ratios. The author also estimates the capital adequacy gap for each of the banks in terms of the time schedule prescribed by the RBI for 1994 and 1996 and analyses the possible options available to them.

Politics of (Self)-Representation-Case of a De-Brahminised Brahmin

Case of a 'De-Brahminised' Brahmin K Satyanarayana THIS is in response to Makarand Paranjape's article, 'Caste of Indian English Novel' (EPW, October 5). I am rather surprised to see Paranjape's casteist argument in the weekly.

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