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KERALA- Use of Computers-Towards a Rational Policy

KERALA Use of Computers Towards a Rational Policy?
K P K THE recent decision of the government to ban any new purchase of computers in government offices, public sector undertakings, universities and similar bodies of the state government has given rise to mixed reactions. While there was no acclamation forthcoming, a few strongly critical reactions have surfaced especially in the local press. The sudden announcement of the government decision indicated that there was no prior consultation or any other preparatory work that one would have expected from the new government on such an important policy. On the contrary, it seemed like a gut reaction of a government which is committed to protecting the interests of labour. The immediate cause was the decision of the Kerala Financial Enterprises to buy a computer system inviting vehement opposition from its employees who feared that their jobs might be in jeopardy. They therefore protested publicly and exerted political pressure on the government. There is no need to defend the decision of the Kerala Financial Enterprises in favour of computerisation for it was not clear whether such a step was warranted by the amount of business they were doing or their business was suffering for lack of efficient handling.

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