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Family Health Expenditure after Liberalisation-Kerala Experience

a facade, if some means of expression is provided then people come forward, and speak out fearlessly." People do pay a price for speaking out: hired goondas beat up some three persons ordinary weavers - who had given evidence in Jawaja. Ladhoo Singh who is elected sarpanch of Thana, district Bhilwara, and who stands staunchly by the right of access to information says that he has been threatened by the collector of Bhilwara, who has openly said thatcharges can easily be framed against anyone who 'rocks the boat' too much.

Science in Service of Monopolies-Universal Salt Iodisation Policy

Universal Salt Iodisation Policy K P Aravindan The ubiquitous common salt, which once was the symbol of our struggle for national liberation, will soon be no more, The low cost crystal salt will be replaced by higher priced, fine iodised salt coming in sleek bags and carrying brand names made familiar by the electronic and other media. Another item of mass consumption is thus going to be fully integrated into the advanced capitalist market economy. The change-over will be effected by suitable legislation enacted by the government, buttressed by arguments put forth by a 'neutral, disinterested' scientific establishment. The monopoly sector of the Indian industry will chip in their might guided of course by the 'noble' pursuit of profit. Naturally, all of this will be done in the name of the poor, suffering millions, so that questioning it would be made to appear almost blasphemous.

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