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The European Union Regulation on IUU Fishing

The European Union Council Regulation on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing states that, exports of fish and fishery products from those countries which do not comply with its articles would be rejected by the EU from 1 January 2010 onwards. Since the EU is the major seafood market for developing countries, this regulation is of great significance to trade in fish and fishery products. The definitions of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, on which the entire EU regulation is built upon, is loaded against the special circumstances prevailing in the fisheries sector of the developing countries.

Priority Sector Bank Lending-Some Important Issues

Some Important Issues K M Shajahan Priority sector bank lending was an active instrument of our financial policy with an aim to restore sectoral balance within credit disbursement and to channel credit to the weaker sections within these sectors. But banking sector reforms initiated as part of the liberalisation programme, since the beginning of the 1990s, has almost brought the priority sector lending policy to a halt. Moreover, the position of the poorer stares in regard to priority sector bank credit seems to have worsened because of the manner in which priority sector targeting has been done by linking it to total bank credit rather than to bank deposits.

Non-Performing Assets of Banks-Have They Really Declined And on Whose Account

Have They Really Declined? And on Whose Account?
K M Shajahan Non-performing assers (NPAs) reflect the health of the banking system. So it is a matter of same significance when the Reserve Bank discloses, as it does in its latest report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India that between end-March 1996 and 1997, NPAs of public sector banks were brought down by almost one-half Closely connected with the magnitude of NPAs is the proportion of NPAs atlributable to the priority sector, Here, according to the RBI, almost one-half of all NPAs of public sector banks are accounted for by the priority sector.

Deep Sea Fishing Policy-A Critique

A Critique K M Shajahan The report of the Sudarsan Committee on operations of deep sea fishing vessels on which is based the proposed deep sea fishing policy, is an attempt to divert the attention of the fishermen community and the public at large from the dangerous repercussions of extensive fishing operations conducted by joint venture/chartered DSF vessels in the Indian seas.

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