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Macroeconometric Models for India

This paper outlines the evolution of econometric models for India, discusses some theoretical and empirical issues relevant to macro-modelling and the use of models in forecasting, policy analysis and planning and, finally, sets out the agenda for future work in the area.

Indian Economy, 1995-96 to 1997-98-Alternative Scenarios

Indian Economy, 1995-96 to 1997-98 Alternative Scenarios K Krishnamurty V Pandit T Palanivel P Saibaba D Pratap At the macro level the Indian economy seems to have acquired strength and is likely to move forward with confidence in the foreseeable future. Revival of industry, strong export growth and gradually declining inflation are pointers that the fundamentals of the economy are right.

Gazing the Crystal Ball-Indian Economy, Circa 1995

Indian Economy, Circa 1995 V Pandit K Krishnamurty T Palanivel With the long awaited signs of industrial revival the past year has given rise to new expectations. If these prove right and the tempo of industrial growth is sustained, the economy would have entered a new phase of development This inevitably brings new problems, especially to policy-makers. Erstwhile solutions are unlikely to be effective under the new scenario.

The Union Budget, 1985-86-An Appraisal

The Union Budget, 1985-86 An Appraisal K Sundaram Suresh D Tendulkar K Krishnamurty The Union Budget for 1985-86 signals a distinct break with the past on three counts: (a) it implies a shift in the ex-ante composition of investment away from the public sector and towards private corporate sector; (b) the incentives offered in the Budget are neutral as regards the choice between consumption and savings; and (c) the fiscal concessions aim at transferring the transactions from the so-called black or the unaccounted segment to the white or accounted segment of the economy. These are all indicative of a significant change in the perceptions of the policy-makers regarding the mainsprings of the Indian growth process.

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