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Unconvincing Case

Unconvincing Case K K Taimni Over the years two parallel and distinct co-operative credit structures have developed, one looking after investment and the other after production needs of the farmers. This short-term credit structure is a federal one with three tiers

Foxed by Wealth of Facts

Co-operatives in Asia by Mohinder Singh; Praeger Publishers, New
PLANNERS in all developing countries have recognised the importance of treating an institutional framework and evolving a technology that would hasten the process of development and make an impact on the life and work of the community. It is in this Context that co-operatives have been selected by governments in the Asian countries with varying degrees of emphasis

Co-operatives in Japan

the must of the indivisible inputs such as a pair of bullocks and, by absorbing their services fully, keeps the short-run average cost lower than it would be with less than full utilisation of the individual resources''. Khusro's conclusion, after a good deal of .sifting of farm management data, is that, with the present technology which is still dominated by the use of bullock power ami with a view to focusing on tomorrow's norms, the dividing line between incentives and disincentives and between efficiency and disability may be taker to be 5 acres. As such, a very large proportion of cultivated area is free iron difficulties of size though a large proportion of holdings is subject to such difficulties. The conclusion, in itself is not very startling; it has been known. The significance of Khusro's work lies in quantifying what has been largely an unqualified area.

Co-operatives as Employers

Co-operatives as Employers K K Taimni DOTH the trade union movement and the co-operative movement began as movements of dissent and protest against a system which enables capital to exploit labour. However, while the trade union movement over the years has consolidated its position and been generally instrumental in protecting and promoting the interests of the workers, the same cannot be said of the co-operative movement in this country

Co-operatives Are Not Insulated

It is against this background that the recent decision of the Executive Committee of the Majur Mahajan to sever its connections with the INTUC acquires significance in Gujarat politics, The arrangement between Majur Mahajan and INTUC and between the Mahajan and the Congress party work- ed smoothly till the Congress split in 1969. Then the INTUC at the all- India level came under the sway of Congress(R). In Gujarat, however, Congress(O) was still a force to reckon with; also, Congress(R) was and remains unstable as a result of the intense faction-fighting among its leaders. Further, the Mahajan leadership consists of old Gandhian Congressmen who are sympathetic to Congress(O) as a party. Vasavada, the leader of the Mahajan, is still a member of Congress.( O) It was becoming increasingly difficult for the Majur Mahajan to continue its alignment with INTUC after tho Socialist Forum of the state Congress(R), with the help of Indulal Yagnik, extended its influence over the Gujarat wing of INTUC, The Forum's aggressively .socialist programme

Consumer Preferences for Retailers

Consumer Preferences for Retailers K K Taimni WHY do consumers patronise certain retailers? To answer this question, the writer conducted a limited study of a few selected shops including consumer co-operatives in two Punjab towns.

Cadre for Management

February 15, 1969 If our industrial system in India has to progress, a great deal of responsibility lies with the management, particularly with professional management. Wherever management has ended up with a vacuum at the top, it is essential that the system be overhauled to install a 'management by objectives' system which will evolve towards the required hydraulic management system.

Little Light on Co-operatives

check with the Minister concerned. Sitaram's answer : "No. There are things on which we newsmen do not directly check with a man who utters such words with a certain amount of contempt". Did he realise that his report was fairly serious ? Answer: "Of course, I know the implications of the report. I thought I was discharging my duty in a manner I am expected to do for a fighting paper like Patriot. I was guarded in my words ..." Navhind Times of Goa did not at all appreciate Sitaram's version. It said : "The correspondent was not present at the meeting; yet he thought it fit to file a report which not only was factually incorrect, but also was malicious, if not in intent, at least in effect". The paper congratulated the majority of reporters present at the meeting for standing by the "truth", "even though the whole episode has left a bitter taste in the mouth of the public and has not helped to increase the prestige of the Press''. "It is" added the paper, "a tribute to pressmen in the sense that they did not hesitate to stand by truth, even though it meant tarnishing the Press in general".

Will Consumer Co-operatives Survive

society almost to the neglect of the lower strata. Accordingly, IITs as educational institutions seem to make only a limited contribution to social mobility.

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