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ANDHRA PRADESH- Over to the Police-New Spate of Encounter Killings

within the political establishment. in industry, but ruthless neo-colonial ex The sectoral allocations proposed in the ploitation of the Indian economy and peoSeventh Plan appear to fully confirm these ple. Only a thin upper stratum of the ominous trends. But the result of this will population will share a small part of the loot not be, as is fondly hoped, a return to the in this dispensation in the name of moderpeasant paradise such as Charan Singh nisation and rushing towards the 21st hopes for when he tilts against investment century.

Indira Gandhi-An Attempt at a Political Appraisal

Indira Gandhi An Attempt at a Political Appraisal K B UNDERSTANDING of Indian reality by the Left has been seriously burdened by an ideological albatross, that is the notion that the Indian ruling class is morally required to build the nation, as against merely making wealth for itself. Ever since the celebrated Tryst that Nehru spoke of, Left analysts have been maintaining a balance sheet on behalf of the bestiny, and periodically giving praise or bitter blame to the ruling classes according to the shape of the closing accounts. Some have even christened the ruling class the national bourgeoisie and have accepted its interests as the national consensus, its achievements as the nation's achievements, and its failures as the nation's failures. Others have not, but the peculiar prejudice that the ruling class ought to lead the country into its future remains strong with many on the Left. It is within this matrix that .Nehru becomes many things from the proponent of a liberal modernism to the hero of the nation, and Indira Gandhi uniformly its Judas. He is the builder of the nation's cherished institutions and she the treacherous destroyer of that wealth.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Tiberius Syndrome-Policing of Provincial Campuses

Tiberius Syndrome Policing of Provincial Campuses K B IN the ancient Meditteranian world, whose Hellenistic ruling classes amassed wealth by plundering the labour of slaves and serfs, the labourers occasionally used to go on strike. Not being gifted with democratic constitutions, they hit upon an ingenious method of avoiding the long arm of the law: they would strike work en masse and withdraw into the sacred sanctity of temples. This went on for perhaps centuries and no doubt harassed the gentry and the Ptolemies no end, until Tiberius resolved the dilemma by a bold dictat: he declared that temples are not so sacred that the gendarme cannot raid them, and thereby abolished the right to strike by abolishing the strikers' refuge. Thereafter, no doubt. Peace and Order and the Ptolemies ruled in Bliss

ANDHRA PRADESH-Telugu Encounters

ANDHRA PRADESH 'Telugu' Encounters K B EVERYTHlNG is Telugu in Andhra Pradesh these days. A canal proposed to be constructed to carry water from the Krishna and Penna rivers to Madras city has been named Telugu Ganga'; no matter that the eminent (but not altogether disinterested) irrigation engineer-turned-Congressman K L Rao, lias openly doubted the existence of any water at all to be carted to Madras, our southern Bhagiratha is hell-bent on digging the canal and demonstrating to the world the legendary (it is alleged) magnanimity of the Telugu nation; when the same gentleman camps at Vijayawada to conduct the first conference of his party, his thatched (but prudently well-furnished) camp house is called Telugu kutirani; and there is a threat hanging in the air that the state is going to be renamed Telugu Nadu, to rhyme with Tamil Nadu rather than Uttar Pradesh, in the interest of Dravidian solidarity.

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