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The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity: An International Assessment

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity reports were born out of an initiative in 2007 to produce an analysis of the economics of biodiversity loss parallel to that of existing analysis of climate change. The reports do not preach to the committed environmentalist who already values nature. They are geared instead to the sceptical public administrator and to the practical businessperson, aiming to make these actors realise - by means of convincing examples - that economics should go beyond its existing boundaries.

A Forest for Ourselves

Gender and Green Governance: The Political Economy of Women's Presence within and beyond Community Forestry by Bina Agarwal (New Delhi: Oxford University Press), 2010; pp 488, Rs 625.

Oil and Climate Change: Voices from the South

There are new voices from the South that are clamouring to make themselves heard on climate change. They demand "climate justice" and refuse the alms offered by the North in the form of so-called flexibility mechanisms and "adaptation loans", which transform the polluter pays principle into the "polluted adapts" principle.

Is India Too Poor To Be Green?

The argument that the best way for a growing economy to treat environmental problems is to get rich first and clean up the mess later is not defensible. India cannot replicate the processes of the developed west because it can neither shift environmentally damaging activities abroad nor can it "export" surplus labour released from agriculture to Europe or the US.

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