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On the Notion of Admissible Programmes

Jayabrata Bhattacharjee Kornai in his pioneering attempt in 1965 (available in English in 1967) on multi-level planning techniques, raised the question of "politically admissible" planning programmes. Though he did not carry his analysis to any length, Kornai threw up some extremely suggestive pointers on the dichotomy between "feasible" plans and "admissible plans" which have been explored further in this paper.

Socio-Political Parameters of Economic Planning

All too often, models for economic growth and planning are concerned only with "economic" variables, totally ignoring sociological and political factors. For this reason, the planning process, in India particularly, has often been. reduced to a sterile exercise.

Mass Participation in Politics-A Socio-Economic Interpretation

Modernisation is generally agreed to mean effective mass participation in political decisionmaking and mate or less equal accessibility to the political arena for all persons.

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