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Communal Violence in Indore

The "Bharat bandh" of July 3 saw communal violence erupt in Indore, with the police either on the sidelines or allegedly conniving in the attacks on the minorities. A number of events preceded the flare-up. Now fear and insecurity haunt the minority areas.

Poverty Statistics

Poverty alleviation cannot work unless we know who are the poor. The Planning Commission must undertake a review of the methodology of poverty estimation. The definition used at present has conceptual problems and poverty is consequently underestimated. ">

Disarmament and Development-Report of a Seminar

6 Report of the Committee for the Review of Rights and Concessions in Forest Areas of India, 1984, New Delhi, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

Combine Management in GDR

Jaya Mehta The GDR economy is normally classified as a 'centralised command model' incapable of any worthwhile solutions. But it was in fact the first to introduce decentralisation reforms in 1963, which however, did not succeed for a number of reasons. One of the most significant developments in this direction since then in the 70s and 80s has been the reorganisation of the intermediate level authority and the introduction of combine management.

Science and Society

Science, Society and Peace by D D Kosambi; Academy of Political and Social Studies, Akshaya Chambers, Kelkar Road, Pune 411030; pp 138, Rs 18.00.

Theory of Pricing in Socialist Countries

Theory of Pricing in Socialist Countries Jaya Mehta A GLANCE at my paper (February 23) would have revealed the motivation clearly enough. It was never my intention, as B Debroy (BD) suggests (August 31) it ought to have been, to compile the most extensive index of names possible. While he gratuitously drops a long list of names, he mostly fails to relate these to any points of substance made by these authors and not included in my paper. In his occasional attempts in this direction, he betrays a considerable lack of acquaintance with the subject matter at hand as well as the contents of my paper. This is clear from the following.

Theory of Pricing in Socialist Countries-Case of Industrial Producer Goods

Case of Industrial Producer Goods Jaya Mehta In contrast to a market economy, the entire system of prices in a planned economy is determined by the central price-fixing authority In this situation, price theory is expected to provide the basis for constructing a price structure which would lead to the most efficient functioning of the economy This paper attempts to summarise the discussions on pricing especially pricing of industrial goods, in socialist countries.

The CMEA Summit

August 25,1984 tion to impose restrictions which would affect only a minor section of the community rather than prevent a larger section more vociferous and militant." Apply this touchstone to the Kashmir case and you find a majority being stopped by a minority from exercising its rights by invoking section 144 and the armed police forces of the Centre in its support. The law was violated with impunity and for long and the citizen was powerless to seek redress.

Nutritional Norms and Measurement of Malnourishment and Poverty

Nutritional Norms and Measurement of Malnourishment and Poverty Jaya Mehta Background THERE has been much controversy recently regarding Sukhatme's theory of nutritional norms and its implications for the measurement of poverty and malnourishment.1 Sukhatme et at Sukhatme and Margin 1978, Seckler

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