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Politics and Sexuality in France, 1950-1991

Janine Mossuz-Lavau Until as late as the 1980s the laws of the state and norms of society in France combined to regulate sexual behaviour and restrict aspects of sexuality in several ways. The greater sexual freedom today is a result of several struggles over a long period. While left-wing parties have generally supported movements andlegislation for greater sexual freedom, there are several other factors which have contributed to the change.

Might Is Right-Feminist Movement in France: Achievements and Shortcomings

Feminist Movement in France: Achievements and Shortcomings Christiane Hurtig Janine Mossuz-Lavau Mariette Sineau While women in France have made significant progress after the early seventies in bridging the long-standing gap between themselves and their European counterparts in the field of civil rights, women's participation in public life remains a specific area of backwardness of French women. And now progress in other areas is also threatening to slow down precisely because French women continue to fail to address themselves to the political determinants of their status. The link between politics and progressive social measures in favour of women is brought out by the authors' discussion of the impact of the women's movement, the pace of legislative reform bearing on women's status and women's importance as a factor in the country's political life in different periods of recent French history STARTLING as this may sound to foreigners who, for decades, have viewed the French woman as a symbol of emancipation, French women retained a rather backward status till the raid-seventies or so. Even after the full blossoming of the women's lib movement which occurred around these years, France, in many respects, remains way behind other industrialised countries as far as the status of women or their public roles are concerned.
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