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'All the Women Were Hindu and All the Muslims Were Men'

Throughout the period of colonial rule, a certain degree of tension prevailed between advocating reform for women and addressing specific disabilities of Hindu or Muslim women in personal law and representation. This tension reflected the dynamics of the women's organisations and the overweening compulsions of the dominant political elites. For the Muslim League, support for women's rights demonstrated Islam's superiority, while the Congress viewed it as part of the nationalist project of state building, which included improving the status of women. Women's organisations, for the most part, lacked the influence necessary to set the policy agenda in arenas of personal law or political representation and remained dependant on political allies among the nationalist and state elites.

Bank Loans to Lower Class Women in Bombay-Problems and Prospects

Problems and Prospects Jana Everett Mira Savara Since the nationalisation of the bigger banks in 1969, Indian banks have established lending programmes for self-employed 'entrepreneurs' from the lower classes. This paper reports the results of an exploratory study of bank loans to lower caste women in Bombay. It seeks to shed some tight on the problems surrounding and the prospects for bank loans as an economic development strategy for poor women.

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