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Women s Struggle in Pakistan

Women's Struggle in Pakistan Jamil Rashid Women of Pakistan: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back? Zed Press, London; 1987.
KHAWAR Mumtaz and Farida Shaheed have written a courageous book of immense importance for the awakening of the men and women of Pakistan. They open their discourse with the bold assertion: The role and status of women are not isolated social phenomena, and women's struggles do not take place in a vacuum. Both are determined, enhanced or impeded by the social political and, economic development of a people's history.

Revolution in Iran

Revolution in Iran Jamil Rashid Iran: Dictatorship and Development by Fred Halliday; Penguin
IN 1971, when the Shah celebrated 2,500 years of Iranian monarchy, some kind of a myth was sought to be created that he was the descendant of Cyrus the Great. In reality, he was the son of a junior army officer who had come to power by a military coup, and "has no more royal blood or princely heritage than King Kong".

Power and Privilege in Pakistan

Power and Privilege in Pakistan Jamil Rashid Power and Privilege, Influence and Decision-Making in Pakistan by Robert LaPorte, Jr; University of California Press, Berkley, 1975;

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