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Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists and the Disappearing Middle Class

The entire political establishment in the United States is bizarrely oblivious to the fact that their multi-billion-dollar pursuit of an estimated 50-75 phantom Al Qaida terrorists in Afghanistan has hastened the disappearance of middle income jobs in the US.

Zionists and the US Joint Intelligence Report

The strong Zionist lobby in the United States and Israel supporters in Britain and France continue to talk of hostilities against Iran despite the National Intelligence Estimate report on the non-existence of an Iranian nuclear weapons programme. The Zionist-neoconservative combine is bent upon war against Iran to establish Israeli hegemony in west Asia and to control natural resources in the region.

US-West Asia Wars: Social Opposition and Political Impotence

While 60 per cent of the US people favour the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the domestic peace movement against the war has failed. The collapse of the peace movement, the lack of credibility of most of its leaders and the demoralisation of many activists can be traced to strategic political failures such as the unwillingness to identify and confront the real pro-war movement and the inability to create a political alternative to the Democratic Party.

Bolivia: Evo Morales' Pursuit of 'Normal Capitalism'

In no way has the Evo Morales-Garcia Linera regime in Bolivia attempted a radical break with capitalism; at best, it represents an attempt to "moralise" existing capitalist elites. Morales is rhetorically anti-imperialist, while in practice the economy is dependent on the multinational corporations and on aid from both Europe and the United States.

Palestine: Political Ecology of Disaster

On March 26, in Northern Gaza a river of raw sewage anddebris overflowed from a collapsed earth embankment into arefugee camp driving 3,000Palestinians from their homes.

Liquid Bomb Hoax: Larger Implications

The politics of US, British and Israeli militarism has been at the expense of the civilian economy. Bush, Blair and their civilian-militarist advisors are resorting to phoney bomb plots and frame-up trials to distract the public from their costly and failed policies and tighten political control.

The Philippines: Killing Fields of Asia

The reign of state and state-sponsored repression and terror in the Philippines is similar in scope and depth to that in Columbia. But, unlike Columbia, this has not drawn sufficient attention from international public opinion.

The Meaning of War

Despite the significant differences in west Asia, both the European Union and the United States still find room to cooperate in imposing spheres of joint influence on several countries and regions, namely, in Afghanistan, Haiti and Africa. Cooperation and conflict between the great imperial powers in redividing the world into spheres of colonisation, domination and influence are the key to understanding the meaning of war in the late 20th century and in the new millennium.

Argentina: 18 Months of Popular Struggle

To understand the complex and changing reality of Argentina today - a five-year economic depression, financial collapse, popular uprising and mass movements of 2001-2002 as well as the recent return of traditional political parties to political power - it is important to identify the principal political-economic events which shape the present and future perspectives for the popular social and political movements.

9/11: One Year of Empire-Building

A theoretical and analytical framework for understanding the peculiarities of US empire-building in the new millennium, particularly the current US administration's big push in the year following 9/11, and a discussion of the new themes, policies and strategic goals enunciated and their application to specific regions of the world.

Total War

In all likelihood the post-war period will see humanitarian aid being used to legitimate `transatlantic solidarity' and US colonial rule. Effective humanitarian aid would include contributions from the UN in addition to the oil-for-food programme and would be delivered to people through organisations like the Red Crescent and other civil society groups.

Unemployed Workers' Movement in Argentina

The development of the mass urban unemployed workers' movement in Argentina challenges the assumption of the atomised impotent urban poor, a case worth exploring for its innovative features and its explosive possibilities for the rest of Latin America.


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