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College Teachers Strike An Assessment

J V Deshpande THE initial elation among the college and university teachers after the conclusion of their Indiawide strike was based mainly upon the statements of the union leaders and fragmentary press reports. It now seems to have been replaced by a more cautious reappraisal of their position in the aftermath of the strikeIt would be worthwhile to analyse the causes of the discontent among the teachers (meaning those who work in colleges, universities and other institutes of higher education) and the extent of the success of the strike in meeting their demands.

On Abads, Purs, Nagars, Oorus and Pattanams

attempt to assert a separate identity of the Alekh Dharma to which he belongs. His attachment to it has really blocked a broader and correct vision of the actual state of affairs.

Power Is the Name of the Game

It is generally believed that the coming together of the BJP and some regional groupings such as the AIADMK and the newly-formed Biju JD in Orissa will help the BJP. The reality may not be so straightforward, however, because in the process the BJP seems to be losing some of its credibility and its claim to be different from the other parties.

India-Pakistan Relations Beyond the Trivia

7 These figures indicate only those cases that reported to the PHC for testing and treatment. We do not have an estimate of the number who went to private doctors/hospitals. Assuming that tourists would belong to certain income category who prefer to go to private practitioners, this figure would probably again be an underestimate.

MAHARASHTRA-Mass Housing or New Lamps for Old

J V Deshpande Two and a half years after the announcement of Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray's scheme for building free houses for Mumbai's slum- dwellers even the preliminary steps for implementing the scheme have not been taken, not to talk of the start of construction. But while Thackeray's grandiose pronouncements may be dismissed as so much hyperbole, the sad fact has to be faced that none of the other political parties has a coherent plan to tackle the problem of housing the poor in Mumbai.

Elementary Education as Fundamental Right

Fundamental Right J V Deshpande WHILE fighting any sickness, half the battle is won if it is diagnosed properly. This is as true of nations as it is of individuals. Both the experts and the politicians in India are agreed upon the root cause of numerous afflictions that India chronically suffers from. It is the lack of educational facilities, particularly the lack of facilities for elementary education for the masses. Whether it is poverty or disease, crime or corruption, casteism or linguistic chauvinism, religious bigotry or economic stagnation, there is unanimity that all these evils in the country spring from one major cause: lack of facilities for universal elementary education in the country. No one can find fault with this diagnosis.

Behind Dalit Anger

of course affected investment because of the existence of low wage areas in the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Despite concerted efforts, the flow of new investment into Kerala is very little. Banks in Keralaare flush with loanable funds but there are very few takers of such funds for investment. Faced with high wage costs, paddy cultivating farmers are shifting to high value crops where labour absorption is low and profitability is high.

Dealing with Pakistan

for the NEPI Governance and Administration Research Group. (1995): "Educational Policy Developments in South Africa; 1990-1994: A Critical Examination of the Notions of Decentralisation, Participation and Power', unpublished PhD thesis, University of Bristol, November.

MAHARASHTRA-Unrest in Junior Colleges

Unrest in Junior Colleges J V Deshpande EVEN though the near-total strike of the junior college (higher secondary school) teachers in Maharashtra has been called off after 19 days, the concerned teachers are not a happy lot, nor is tranquillity expected to return to junior and degree colleges in Maharashtra. The settlement reached with the state government has not satisfactorily tackled either the short-term issues or the basic issues of teachers at the higher secondary level.

MAHARASHTRA-Development Boards A Futile Gesture

Development Boards: A Futile Gesture J V Deshpande With the role of the government and government agencies in development due for progressive curtailment, what contribution can the recently- approved regional development hoards possibly be expected to make to the redressal of the admittedly sharp interand infra-regional disparities in Maharashtra?

ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS-Ideology in Retreat

Ideology in Retreat J V Deshpande On the whole, major issues such as secularism vs communalism or welfarism vs free enterprise appear to have played only a minor role in the recent assembly elections.

Maharashtra Universities Bill-A Backward Step

universities is surely an all-time understatement. The majority of the universities have not only failed to achieve any academic distinction but have in fact showed themselves incapable of smooth day-today operations. For most of them, terms do not begin on time, classes are not run properly, examinations are not conducted as per the time-table, results are not available for months. Libraries and laboratories are starved of essential inputs. Even faculty positions are not filled for years. These and many other shortcomings have by now become almost part of nature to most of Indian universities. In recent years, a rapidly expanding student body and dwindling state support have only turned a difficult situation into a near-impossible one. The universities in Maharashtra are no exception to the general situation in the country.


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