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1981 Census Economic Data-A Note

1981 Census Economic Data A Note J N Sinha The workforce participation rates in the 1981 census show a rise over those of the 1971 census. However, they remain far below the long-term trend obtained from census data from 1901 to 1961. They are also significantly lower than the comparable rates obtained from recent rounds of NSS. The 1981 census enumeration of workers thus clearly remains a relative undercount. More important, there is a systematic pattern of relatively heavier undercount in the backward states.

Full Employment and Anti-Poverty Plan The Missing Link

Full Employment and Anti-Poverty Plan: The Missing Link J N Sinha The Sixth Plan advances the view that agriculture must be given high priority to provide not only adequate food and fibre but also sufficient employment and income to the poor.

Employment Generation in Asian Agriculture

then adopts the view that Islam had already been 'modernising' Indonesia. The meaning of this notion is unclear (except to form the basis of a particular patriotic myth). And of course 'modernisation' is itself a concept that has no place in Caldwell's overall approach. The chapter on the Indonesian Revolution is rather orthodox and the section on the Sukarno period, despite its wealth of detail, does not fundamentally provide a new perspective.

Employment and Agriculture in the Draft Plan, 1978-83

The targets of agricultural employment set out in the Draft Plan, 1978-83, are unrealistic. They involve questionable assumptions regarding the nature and implications of technical change in agriculture. At the same time, they are inconsistent with the experience of agriculture in India and even in Japan which constitutes the classic case of agricultural development through yield-increasing (and labour-absorb- ing) innovations. They may as well conflict with the Plan's own goals of income redistribution and surplus mobilisation from agriculture.

Female Work Participation-A Comment

Female Work Participation A Comment J N Sinha portion of gross cropped area under paddy was more in districts with a larger percentage of land under litigation. Land under tenancy was more in districts with more land under irriga- tion and paddy cultivation. The percentage of Scheduled Castes in the population, workers, and agricultural labourers, was more in districts where a larger percentage of the gross cropped area was under paddy. It was also noticed that the percentage of Scheduled Castes among the agricultural labourers was disproportionately more than their percentage in the population in the districts with a larger percentage of cropped area under paddy. It was also noticed that the percentage of workers in the population and the percentage of cultivators among the workers were lower in districts with a larger proportion of land under paddy. On the other hand, the percentage of agricultural labourers among the workers was more in districts with a larger percentage of cropped area under paddy.

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