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Democratic Interlude for Nation Building-Fifth Lok Sabha Elections

Fifth Lok Sabha Elections Iqbal Narain How far the fifth Lok Sabha elections will prove to have laid the basis for enduring political development in the country, it is yet difficult to say. For the present, it is best to describe them as having provided a democratic interlude for nation building.

Technocrats as Head of the Block Team- Some Hypotheses about the Rajasthan Experiment

Technocrats as Head of the Block Team Some Hypotheses about the Rajasthan Experiment Iqbal Narain V P Grover The generalist versus the specialist controversy has been carried into the field of Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan by the appointment of Agriculture Extension Officers and Animal Husbandry Extetision Officers to the post of Block Development Officer, This study tends to show, with the aid of detailed figures, that the replacement of a generalist BDO by a technocrat EDO may militate against the multi-dimensional approach to community development and also worsen administrative problems with- out boosting production.

Ideology of Consensus

"In politics, not in economics, is found the creative dialectic of oppo- sites: for pontics is a bold prudence, a diverse unity, an armed conciliation, a natural artifice, a creative compromise and a serious game on which free civilisation depends; it is a reforming conserver, a sceptical believer and a pluralistic moralist; it has a lively sobriety, a complex simplicity, an untidy elegance, a rough civility and an everlasting immediacy; it is conflict become discussion; and it sets us a humane task on a human scale. And there is no end to the dangers that it faces: there are so many reasons that sound so plausible for rejecting the responsibility and uncertainty of freedom .

Rajasthan Politics after 1967-Trends and Projections

Rajasthan Politics after 1967 Trends and Projections The chances of a Congress return to power in 1972 in Rajasthan have recently improved' with the party's attempt at greater mobilisation of voters. The by-elections have reflected this improvement. Mobilisation does not operate in a vacuum, however, and needs a developmental and ideological base, especially since the Rajasthan voter has shown increasing signs of politicisation. This the party has tried to project. The party's support of bank nationalisation and its famine relief operations have helped in this.

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