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PAKISTAN-What Is Wrong in Karachi

What Is Wrong in Karachi? Iftikhar H Malik KARACHI, the largest and the most important city in Pakistan, has been ranting with sporadic incidents of violence for the past 14 years incurring a large-scale loss of innocent lives and destruction of expensive property worth billions. In addition, Karachi, through violence and intermittent strikes, has been losing out on investments exacerbating multiple problems confronted by this most plural and vibrant city in Pakistan. Various military and civilian regimes have attempted to resolve the dilemma through co-opting the Mohajir/Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) besides pacifying other ethnic communities. In addition, military operation and patrolling by the rangers have been tried to curb disorderliness in the areas worst hit by gun-running.

A Nuclearised South Asia View from the Other Side

the Other Side Iftikhar H Malik Pakistan has always posed a dilemma to Indian leaders whose view of the country is an amalgam of two extremes: on the one hand, Pakistan is seen as posing a real sometimes exaggerated, threat to India; on the other, Indian leaders have been accustomed to belittling Pakistan as a tenuous communalist, fundamentalist artefact vulnerable to its own authoritarian military-bureaucratic elites. This anomalous attitude towards a weak-formidable enemy spawned India's embrace of nuclearisation which was seen as guaranteeing India global prestige and equation with China besides regional primacy and a way out for its contested nationalism.

Punjab in the Making of Pakistan

Punjab in the Making of Pakistan Iftikhar H Malik Empire and Islam: Punjab and the Making of Pakistan by David Gilmartin; I B Tauris and Co, 1988; pp 258,
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