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MAHARASHTRA-The Silent Drought

MAHARASHTRA The Silent Drought I C THERE was a very bizzarre aspect to the contest for Parliamentary seats in Maharashtra last month. The state is in a situation of acute scarcity, following a severe drought. Yet this calamity, which affects over half the state's rural population, was not even discussed, let alone brought to the fore, during the election. Sixty per cent of the 300 talukas in the state, comprising nearly 17,000 villages, are experiencing scarcity. The population affected by it is 19.4 million people and 8.1 million heads of cattle.

MAHARASHTRA I- Unlearnt Lessons of 1970

The prominent role of the Shiv Sena in the recent communal trouble in and around Bombay is a matter of common knowledge. It does seem though that the trouble blew up way beyond the party's expectation and control, claiming 258 lives, according to the government's figures. 

SLUM CLEARANCE-Public Facade, Private Purpose

October 8, 1983 their villages and activate their own kiln network, to locate those willing to work in Gujarat from the next October. They will then make a small advance to those making such a commitment. After Diwali, the agents of the kiln-owners will go to the Mathura railway station and contact these Thekedars. The money which changes hands here will be distributed by the Thekedar to the various men who will accompany him later in the month. Each family will be made a second and substantial advance according to the extent of its indebtedness, so that it can repay the moneylender. This sum will naturally be deducted from the family's wages in the course of the season.

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