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THE PHILIPPINES-Political Economy of Crisis

Political Economy of Crisis Mimi Brady Henry Holland IT is often lamented in Manila that when the US economy catches a cold, the Philippines is hospitalised with pneumonia. With the entire global economy currently anguishing in crisis, a virulent case of pneumonia is wracking the Philippine economy


there is enough warning of an impending disaster), up to 70 per cent of the 'risk population' in the United States could be evacuated in one day and as many as 90 to 95 per cent in two to three days. And they believe that with adequate evacuation plans "casualties [from a nuclear attack] can be reduced to 30 per cent dead."9 In their search for "rational' nuclear doctrines, some people even talk of a theatre or tactical nuclear war confined to Europe. In an unguarded moment, even President Reagan implied this possibility some time ago, notwithstanding the subsequent attempts by his advisers to .dilute or deny its import.10 However, if one goes by oft-repeated Soviet declarations

CANCUN-Rhetoric and Reality

November 21, 1981 CANCUN Rhetoric and Reality Elizabeth Bradshaw Henry Holland IT would appear to many that the recent two day meeting of 22 heads of state in Cancun, Mexico, would have been a significant step forward in North-South relations. This was not to be the case. There is already consensus among transnational corporation (TNC) boardrooms, the State in developed capitalist economics and the local oligarchies in most underdeveloped capitalist economies (UCEs) that it is crucial to speed up penetration of UCE markets and raw material supplies. This is necessary to insure their more effective integration into the TNC-dominated world market. Such is also the doctrinal thrust of major institutions set up to serve the interests of big capital: the OECD, the World Bank, UNIDO, the Trilateral Commission, the IMF and even the Brandt Commission.

Third World s Third World-Hassle for Handouts

October 10, 1981 Third World's Third World Hassle for Handouts Elizabeth Bradshaw Henry Holland IN order to inject some new blood into the anaemic North-South talks, hundreds of delegates recently poured into Paris to haggle about financial handouts to the world's 31 most impoverished countries. In short, the third world's third world.

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