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BIHAR-Belchhi Now

BIHAR Belchhi Now Hemendra Narayan THE nine square metre area in the centre of a well ploughed plot is untouched. It is green. It is a grim reminder of what happened on May 27, 1977 when on that spot eleven males including a boy of fourteen

BIHAR-Murder by Police

November 11, 1978 were two long letters from the former and present general secretaries of the Assam Sahitya Sabha, who both work in Dibrugarh University. Both these letters, written apropos the 'offending article', were open attacks on the CPI(M) and communists in general. It is true that the letters were in response to an article by a member of the CPI(M) disparaging the role of ultra- nationalistic and chauvinist forces in the affair of the history article, but their virulence against Marxists in general was unmistakable. A very interesting point was that both ended their letters with the suggestion that the need of the hour was a regionally based socialistparty. However the CPI(M) cannot be entirely absolved in this matter because of the tactless way in which it constantly refers to the exploits of Jyoti Basu's government.

BIHAR-The Gomia Strike

cil. After a few more hours, the EC sat for a second time. This time it directed the VC to suspend the Registrar. Also, all the members of the Executive Council submitted their resignations on the ground that they had been forced to act under duress. There was a temporary suspension of activities due to the university's closure on October 18, for the month- long puja vacation. In the meantime, the University Executive Council has "vacated" its earlier decision to suspend the Registrar. Further developments are awaited when the students return to the university in mid-November.

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