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Restoring the Silenced Voice of the Beda Tribe in Ladakh

Several Indian tribes are now at the threshold of assimilation with the larger dominant groups neighbouring them, while many who have succeeded in preserving their tribal identity and maintaining a continuity with adapting to the values of modern culture are finding it difficult to survive as they have in the past. There are very few tribes that earn their livelihood by performing art and music, and one such tribe is the Beda of Ladakh, which is on the verge of extinction. The low-income occupation and social exclusion of the Beda tribe invite the attention of the present paper. It also tries to underline the settlement of the Bedas in Ladakh, different factors that caused the decline in their musical tradition, and the shift in their occupational orientation like intra-societal marginalisation, discrimination, extraneous cultural inroads, etc.

New Leadership in Himachal Pradesh Ends Dominance of Two Clans

The anti-establishment tradition was kept alive in the Himachal Pradesh state legislative assembly elections in November 2017 as the Bharatiya Janata Party returned to power, banking upon the issues of crime, corruption, and development. Keeping in view the ground reality of the state, the BJP’s Central Election Committee was forced to declare Prem Kumar Dhumal as its chief ministerial candidate and to lead the election campaign. The elections ushered in a new era in the state’s politics by marking an end to the rule of two dominant clans that had led politics in Himachal Pradesh for about four decades.
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