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VIETNAM-How They Won the War

by wireless, there should be a rescue station within 25-km radius of the collieries. These criticisms were endorsed by R K Ghosh, Superintendent of the Dhanbad rescue Nation. "It is very dif- fccrth" he told the commission, "to reach many of the collieries in half-an- hour because of bad road communications". His station lacked equipments.

VIETNAM-New Economic Zones

January 22, 1977 New Economic Zones RURAL people, whom the war drove into cities are now being helped to go back, because they have no jobs in the cities and agriculture alone can absorb them. But the war destroyed many villages and the people have no place to return. The government is therefore either reclaiming land laid waste by the war or breaking new land to settle them. These resettlement areas are called New Economic Zones.

VIETNAM- Saigon Today

proof is necessary, that the mere presence of this politician (even in detent tion) has begun to have its impact on the apparently 'quiet' politics of Nepal. As things stand today, the ad ministration appears to have not yet made up its mind about its attitude towards Koirala and his colleagues. The coming months are, therefore, crucial.

VIETNAM-Hanoi Revisited

in these include 1,200 T-62 tanks, about 3,000 armoured troop carriers, several hundred heavy and light guns, anti-aircraft batteries and aeroplane parts (including engines for MiG-21 and MiG-23).

VIETNAM- Transformation after Victory

Transformation after Victory Harish Chandola IT is not often that one comes across a society that is rapidly transforming itself from a backward, feudal capitalistic one to a socialist one before your very eyes. This is precisely what is taking place these days in South Vietnam, while the North progresses on the road of socialism with equal rapidity.

THAILAND-In the Name of God, King and Country

October 30, 1976 THAILAND 'In the Name of God, King and Country' Harish Chandola AN official spokesman of the ruling military group in Thailand Colonel Karoon Kengradomying, said on October 20 that not only one but several groups were preparing to seize power from the elected government, and that the present group "happened to be the one which staged the coup first". This is indeed a very honest statement; for nobody has ever really believed that the military seized power because students in Thammasat University had insulted the monarchy by staging a play in which a student resembling the ai Crown Prince was 'hanged'.

COLOMBO-A Placid Affair

August 28, 1976 Gandhi Marg Society, a non-official organisation, has been actively associat- ted with the Habitat movement, In other ways too, efforts are being made to involve people in this. Thus both the governor and the Chief Minister have emphasised that those who coordinate the activities of the government departments and the non-official agencies should be able to explain the Habitat concept and programme to the villagers in the idiom they understand. The programme drawn up by the state authorities in this connection includes provision of link roads, transport facilities, drainage, education amenities, public health, and a social and cultural infrastructure. To improve the standard of living, an organised effort is being made to supplement the average villager's earnings

CHINA- A New Kind of Power

CHINA A New Kind of Power Harish Chandola SOME 56,000 small and medium- sized hydro-electric power stations have been built in the countryside of China over the last 10 years. Hydroelectric power stations, so constructed in 1975 alone, equal the number put up over 17 years before the Cultural Revolution, By involving hundreds of millions of Chinese peasants in their construction, these power stations have considerably changed the life in the countryside. And, of course, by the electricity they have brought, they have enlivened the political and cultural life even in remote villages and outlying mountain areas. Furthermore, the power thus available has played an important part in the building up of socialist, large-scale, agriculture.

VIETNAM- First Steps in Unification

Similarly, instead of the hope for free trade among ASEAN members, restrictions have been placed recently by Indonesia on Singapore's trade with it

SOUTHEAST ASIA- Thailand-Malaysia Tensions

and Rotherham. Their organisers chose Birmingham and Stafford because at present, through conspiracy, connivance or inefficiency and lack of foresight, the Race Relations Board of British has given the fascist movement a martyr in the person of Robert Relf, now imprisoned in Stafford for refusing to take down a sign outside his house which advertised the house for sale to 'whites only'. Fifty-one year old Relf was first put into Birmingham prison for an indefinite term, not for the advertisement itself, an act which carries no legal penalty, but for contempt of the court which ordered its removal.

VIETNAM-Defending the Revolution

ON April 30, the first anniversary of the Vietnamese people's victory, an article, "Building a Strong National Defence by the Whole People to Safeguard Our Socialist Homeland", was published by many newspapers in Hanoi and in Saigon, The article, written by General Vo Nguyen Giap, Minister of National Defence and Commander-in-chief of the Vietnam People's Army, makes a case for Vietnam strengthening its defence potential. The exposition is interesting because it indicates Vietnam's view of the Id imperialist system, of the divi- ^pis within the socialist camp, of world revolutionary movements, and of its own place and responsibilities as a country which has established a major victory against imperialism and has the task of socialist construction before it.

THAILAND-The Politics of Opium

The Politics of Opium Harish Chandola NORTH of Chiang Mai, the hills are populated by minority people who are mostly Mens with a sprinkling oF." Yao, Akha, Lisu and Lahu.


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