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India’s Water Policy Needs a Paradigm Shift

India is not a water-deficient country. Its water endowment is abundant. Yet, it is confronted with a very severe water crisis, largely man-made and a result of ineffective policies pursued by successive governments.

The Other Side of Development-Maharashtra s Backward Regions

Maharashtra's Backward Regions H M Desarda BY common conventional and commercial yardsticks of economic growth Maharashtra is an economically and industrially 'advanced' state of the Indian union. The per capita income is one and half times the all- India average and double that of Kerala and triple that of Bihar; per capita electricity use is twice the Indian average; the proportion of urban population in Maharashtra is 38 per cent whereas that of India is 26 per cent. If we take consumer durables like cars, two- wheelers, colour TVs, washing machines, air-conditioners, telephones, faxes and services of public and private airplanes, five star schools, hospitals and hotels, it is way above the Indian average.

Maharashtra s Economy-Myth and Reality

A careful scrutiny of Maharashtra state's Economic Survey, 1993-94 and the Annual Budget for the current year reveals a stagnant agricultural economy, increasing scarcity of water in spite of staggering amounts being spent by the state for irrigation and for providing drinking water, a pattern of highly capital-intensive polluting industrial sector which is not providing the jobs it ought to have and a disregard among the state's planners for the welfare of the people of the state.

Rehabilitation of Earthquake Victims-Problem of Housing

Problem of Housing H M Desarda Moving people away from the quake-hit villages is not the right solution. Wliat is needed is a policy which makes it possible for people to participate in building safe structures for themselves.

MAHARASHTRA-Bane of Mushrooming Sugar Factories

MAHARASHTRA Bane of Mushrooming Sugar Factories H M Desarda CURRENTLY there is a political rat race on for putting up co-operative sugar factories in Maharashtra. There are already 96 sugar units operating in the State. And as of now 36 new units have been granted licences and proposals for as many as 130 units have been forwarded for sanction to Delhi and are awaiting clearance. Besides, a number of existing units are going in for expansion of capacity. The capacity of the newly sanctioned units being 2,500 tonnes a day, the net addition to capacity would be far greater than indicated by the number of new units. Chief minister Sharad Pawar has announced that the State government will provide Rs 360 crore to the new sugar units which have been accorded sanction, at the rate of Rs 10 crore per unit. The State Co-operative Bank would make the necessary loans available to these units. In fact, the State Co-operative Bank provides finance also for subscription to the share capital of the factories.

IRRIGATION-Winking at Water

imperfect; was reaching, in howsoever limited degree, the lowest rungs in society, was something which lie welcomed. At the same time he never tired of cautioning against excessive expectations of the system of formal education in the country.

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