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Modes of History Writing-New Hindu History of Ayodhya

Modes of History Writing New Hindu History of Ayodhya Gyanendra Pandey The right-wing Hindu movement of the last decade or so has done all it can to promote an alternative account of the history of Ayodhya and its association with Ram. While this new account is in line with much of the modern Indian effort since the 19th century to establish the historicity, rationality, masculinity

Hindus and Others The Militant Hindu Construction

Hindus and Others: The Militant Hindu Construction Gyanendra Pandey A discussion on Hinduism must necessarily ask the question, who is a Hindu? What does it mean to be a Hindu? Several people have asked this question with reference to theological position and ritual practice. It is asked here with reference to political practice in India over the last hundred years or so.


Writing about Hindu-Muslim Riots in India Today Gyanendra Pandey The dominant nationalist historiography that insists on the totalising standpoint of a seamless nationalism needs to be challenged not only because of its interested use of categories such as 'national' and 'secular' but also because of its privileging of the so-called 'general' over the particular, the larger over the smaller, the 'mainstream' over the 'marginal

Questions of Nationalism and Communalism

One needs to make no apology for yet another article on 'communalism', or even, as in the present case, for stray thoughts on the subject, given the current political situation in India. 

Liberalism and Study of Indian History

Liberalism and Study of Indian History Gyanendra Pandey I HAVE lead with care Amiya Bagchi's letter (EPW, December 3, 1983) regarding my review-article, 'Liberalism and .he Study of Indian History', and reread it together with his statement on 'Ideas, Ideologies and the Other Side of the Moon' (Frontier, October 23-Nov- ermber 6, 1982) to which this letter is very much of a companion piece.

Liberalism and the Study of Indian History-A Review of Writings on Communalism

Liberalism and the Study of Indian History A Review of Writings on 'Communalism' Gyanendra Pandey ONE of the more remarkable facts about the historiography of the factor called 'communalism' in Indian history is the large area of common ground shared by interpreters of it from Cambridge to Calcutta. or perhaps one should say Chicago to Canberra. I am fully sensible, in writing this, of the significant differences of approach, say, between liberal scholars in the West and leftist historians in India, and of the major advances made in the study of nationalism and comrmmalism since the 1960s, The validity of my statement should, however, become clear in the course of this paper. Suffice it here to say that one feature of this area of agreement among historians of South Asia is the practical absence from its concerns of such nebulous and uncertain quantities as consciousness, religion and popular culture.


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