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Policies for Growth in fertiliser Consumption-The Next Stage

The Next Stage Gunvant M Desai Annual consumption of fertilisers has increased from less than 100,000 metric tons of nutrients in the early 1950s to 8.2 million metric tons (mmts) by 1984-85. The Seventh Five-Year Plan aims at raising it to 14 mmts by 1989-90. The task of accelerating growth in fertiliser consumption extends beyond the Seventh Plan period because, according to the author, virtually all further growth in crop production will have to come from continuous increases in yields and all proven yield-increasing technologies depend on high levels of fertiliser application. Thus, the author argues, the real question concerning the future is not whether but how to accelerate growth in fertiliser use and ensure its maximum effectiveness in crop production.

Factors Determining Demand for Pesticides

Gunvant M Desai Among various plant protection measures, pesticides have been found to be the most popular among cultivators. The Fourth Five Year Plan aims at substantially raising the level of pesticide use. Growth in cultivators' demand will play a crucial role in attaining the target.

Changing Basis of Demand for Fertiliser

Gunvant M Desai John W Mellor To attain the need-based targets, fertiliser use in the country must grow by over 600 thousand tonnes per year for at least 6 to 7 consecutive years. What is the likelihood of cultivators* demand growing continuously by this huge unprecedented magnitude? What public policy measures are needed to generate such a growth in demand?

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