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Modes of Inheritance

Political inheritance in India has its own peculiar logic that appears to go against democracy's accepted tenets of functioning.

Day of the Morality Police

The decision in Maharashtra to ban dance bars is an instance of the state government donning the garb of the moral police. But the centre?s action in recommending the dissolution of the Bihar stateassembly, on the pretext of preventing political horse trading, appears an exercise in moral and political hypocrisy.

Time for Modi to Pack Up?

Narendra Modi has survived the furore over the US denial of a visa and the party rebellion has been quelled. Modi has created the myth of ?I am Gujarat? quite successfully. Such myths are good as long as they work. But a time comes when the whole mythology starts collapsing. There is reason to believe that that time has come and it may be opportune for Narendra Modi to start packing his suitcases.

'Sa Ramya Nagari Mahan Sa Nripatih'

With the inauguration of the second Bush presidency, the American neo-conservative empire is set to perpetuate itself. The empire has also generated its own lexicon, where words like 'freedom' and 'liberty' have been defined anew, in terms that best define the empire's interest.

Early Chill in Kashmir?

Notwithstanding the increased frequency of talks between India and Pakistan, the unresolved issue of Kashmir continues to vex relations between the two neighbours. Perhaps it is time for new approaches. However, the outright 'dismissal' by the Indian prime minister of some of president Musharraf's recent suggestions on Kashmir and the latter's 'threats' in response, provide yet another indication that neither side is willing to reconsider historically determined positions.

Wages of Winning

The present battle over key portfolios in Maharashtra, including that of chief minister, reflects a sad loss of vision on the Congress' part. A vision of bringing together Congressmen of all hues was needed. Instead, the Congress' undermining of the local hero and maratha strongman, Sharad Pawar, is likely to prove dear for the party.

The (not so) Quiet American

We as a people are passing through a peculiar phase. From planning to terrorism we find ourselves at a loss. We need foreign agencies or their nominees to help us evaluate ourselves. Naturally some people are incensed at that. But the elite in our country seem to be disturbed that some people have objections to such things as the US ambassador offering FBI help in Assam's investigation of terrorist attacks.

Foreign Policy as a Long Summer Holiday

Reagan was the first president to have made unabashed power play into an art. It was an art in the sense that he made it into a moral principle. All those who opposed or appeared to oppose the interests of the US were 'evil'.

New Zero Sum Game

Six odd tests do not a nuclear summer make. But these tests by India and Pakistan served one purpose. The act of opposing nuclear power was resistance to several things, the most important of which was the opposition to the coalition in power then.

Uses of Error

The basic issue is to figure out why a given government loses or is likely to lose its credibility. To speak in terms of the so-called antiincumbency factor is to beg the question. But then the advantages of such theories are obvious. This purposeful use of error in interpretation is to keep everyone happy

The Speaking Middle Class

It is now of little significance who forms the government and with whose support. The NDA and the Congress are using the secularism debate to make sure the economic plight of India does not become the issue. Both coalitions will try and make fun of the other's poor performance but nobody, not even the left parties are willing to see the grand conspiracy of the moneybags.

Is Enemy's Enemy Necessarily a Friend?

There is more to these fairs than unaffordable books. An encounter and an experience.


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