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INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS-Traps of a Partial Vision

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Traps of a Partial Vision GPD ARYABHATA, the mathematician of the fifth century BC, has suddenly come to life. A society dedicated to the present, a society in a terrible hurry to make a fast buck has hastily dug into its own history and pulled out an academic's name to celebrate the occasion of its first satellite to go into space. It would be quite hard for Aryabhata, if he were to become alive today, to understand this unexpected upsurge of love for him, in his land, nearly twenty-five hundred years after his time. But then he would not make an attempt to understand that either. Clearly, Aryabha- ta would know that it is not he that is important. What he would certainly try to understand


INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Unreal Contradictions KISSINGER is in the news, as always. This time he is interested in India's political system


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