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Sexuality in Politics

Radicals used to argue that there is politics even in sexuality. In our postmodern times, the self-styled opinion-makers seem to think that there is sexuality even in politics.

Of Principles in the Political Realm

The bizarre arguments taking place over the presidential election have all the trappings of a morality play. Amidst the din and the noise, political discourse in India is distinctive in its moralistic overtones.

Our Creative Politicians

Our politicians and in some cases their families have always had a fascination with the arts.

Of Princes and Prodigals

The royal family syndrome that characterises the Congress Party makes it incapable of dealing with the problems and challenges of contemporary India.

Australian Gurus?

Whether it is cricket or the presidential election, Australian experts and diplomats have been indulging in some undiplomatic language. But such indiscretion received little notice in the media. This shows a new aspect of globalisation - the white man's burden now consists in ensuring that we play the democratic game right, or as they see it as right.

Pakistan Diary

Three Indian playwrights found themselves travelling to the 'Nizam-e-Mustafa' in January. The 10 days they spent in Pakistan convinced them that the divides between the two countries are minor, though they are difficult to locate and attend to.

Narayan, Thou Hast Done the Extraordinary!

With his candidates winning both the recent by-elections in Maharashtra, Narayan Rane's ambitions of becoming chief minister have been further strengthened. Yet, he can do little to erase his Shiv Sena past.

The Mad Violence

It is time the dalit leadership stopped allying with one party or the other and thought through the issues confronting the dalits. There are many interested groups who want the dalits to react in a predictable and counterproductive pattern.

An Ideology of and for the 'Many'

Kanshi Ram's ideology seeking power for the "bahujan" can too easily be seen as opportunism. But his was a strategy defined on winning political power for the bahujans, which implied reaching an "all-caste" coalition with the dominant upper castes. His successor, Mayawati, appears determined to only further his legacy.

Bush and Basaveshvara

Festivals celebrating ethnicity no longer attach themselves to a "native" destination. That non-resident Kannadigas are now organising their own jamboree in faraway Seattle, where Basaveshvara's 'vachanas' will be sung before a largely ignorant audience, including US president George Bush and his deputy, is a multiple irony of sorts.

Brown Is Black by This Code

The banning of the film Da Vinci Code is irrationalism of an extreme kind, which panders to fundamentalism in one community and puts liberals in the other on the defensive.

Who's Afraid of Buddhadeb?

The communists may have come back to power in West Bengal but some still think they have failed to change with the times. The feeling is that Buddhadeb has his economics right but has to carry a dated party with him.


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