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The Imagination of the State

The Imagination of the State GPD WE forget the year, but it was quite some time ago that at the annual meeting of the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Durga Bhagwat, the veteran litterateur of Marathi, and the late Y B Chavan crossed swords at Karad which happens to be the hometown of the latter. Ever since then, 'the state and literature' has been a popular topic of discussion in the land of the Marathas. There was a half-hearted demand that ministers should not attend these meetings. There was an even more feeble demand that the prizes that the government confers should be returned. The latter demand was never really supported

Reagan and Martin Luther King

Reagan and Martin Luther King GPD WE had always thought that the Americans were rather slow in learning things. Obviously that does not seem to be the case. With Rajiv Gandhi's arrival on the scene and the consequent American enthusiasm for things Indian, Americans have finally decided to learn something from India and the great Indian tradition. Maybe the India Festival has had its impact after all. What was learnt by the Americans, you might ask. A very small thing really, but if you looked at its significance in the Indian context and tradition, you would agree that Reagan and his men must have learnt it from us. The Indian tradition as you no doubt know is given to celebrations and national holidays. Every month we close our institutions and offices in memory of someone or the other. National holidays are a national passion with the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians and so on. The person or the saint or the prophet whose birthday we might be celebrating usually does not mean a thing to our everyday life. It is an act of showmanship. Reagan has decided that this cultural device is useful to his administration as well. He has gone ahead and declared January 20 as the national holiday to pay tribute to the late Rev Martin Luther King.

From the Times of Tilak to Those of Gore

On December 4, 1985, a Division Bench of the Andhra Pradesh High Court consisting of Justice B P Jeevan Reddy and Justice Upendralal Waghray voiced deep concern over the increasing number of habeas corpus petitions being filed in the High Court. Many of them contained just one line

A Brand of Nationalism

A Brand of 'Nationalism' GPD THE first week of December was eventful once again. The year before, Bhopal had been in the news. A year later Anderson, chairman of the Union Carbide, celebrated the anniversary of the tragedy with a statement which was remarkable for its ar- rogance. After what his company did to the hapless people of that unfortunate town, this American had the audacity to talk of Indian hospitality. One had the impression that the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh and the Government of India were rather solicitous of this American. He was given the Government Guest House to stay in; a special plane to fly back. In a sense Anderson's arrogant remarks were perhaps, in order. At least this might shake our elites out of their old habit

A Day in the Life of Rajiv Gandhi

A Day in the Life of Rajiv Gandhi GPD December 7, 1985 has been growing too. When the Americans start developing these things, the adversaries do not and cannot keep quiet. Unilateral disarmament is nobody's idea] of the road to peace. In today's world it just cannot be. The net result has been a staggering pile of nuclear weapons shared by the Americans and the Soviets. The Soviets have 8,316 weapons to America's 11,412.

Sino-Indian Relations Core and Periphery

Sino-Indian Relations: Core and Periphery GPD THE latest match between India and China has ended in a tame draw. One notices this because for the first time it had appeared that the two countries were moving towards some kind of settlement. Admittedly, the border accord between India and China, like Rome, cannot be built in one round. However, it was felt that perhaps some ground-work would have been done and that we would move on to Beijing with greater hopes. It was felt that while the accord was not in sight, it might be just on the horizon. It was a question of time when it was going to be visible.

Imperial Memories

Imperial Memories GPD IT is now a year since Indira Gandhi was assassinated. How ancient does the name sound already, as if it were a name of the Queen of the Shunga or Kushana dynasty

Party Life

ment to the principle that violation of human rights by any party, including the Armed services, can never be justified. This applies particularly to the right of life! The government stated that the killings of July 1983 had been investigated but that there had not been sufficient evidence connecting any official with a specific offence.

The Unwanted of Assam

The Unwanted of Assam GPD RAJIV GANDHI is surely going at problems in a manner befitting the twentyfirst century. He is also going at them in a computer-like manner. Press the button and the necessary accord will flash itself on the screen. The Assam accord is in keeping with that style. There was high drama and tension in the capital throughout the night of the 14th and 15th of August. Those who frequent that charming near-European looking city tell us this. We have it on good authority. It is not as though some stories were made out for the Press, these friends tell us. The details of the accord were, in fact, being thrashed out till the early hours of the morning. Which were these details which needed such a last-minute sorting out we wondered, but these friends declined to enlighten us on that score. Anyway, as all of us heard the dynamic, young Prime Minister telling us, the accord on Assam has been reached. One more problem has been got out of the way.

An American Thriller

reschedulings which carry more stringent terms with regard to maturities, interest rate mark-up and other charges as quid pro quo for relief in repayments falling due in the immediate future. This is in addition to the policy programmes foisted on these countries, programmes which, as Garcia describes them, hardly ever succeed in reactivating the economy. The irony of the whole situation is that while so much song and dance is made of the need for debtor countries to follow appropriate readjustment policies, the countries, and people, who profess these programmes are unprepared to underwrite them by allowing debt servicing to be tied to the fruits of these programmes.

An American Nightmare

An American Nightmare GPD In some, madness must come in with breath, mill through the blood and be breathed out again. In some it goes up to the mind. Some take the madness and stop it with discipline. Madness is locked beneath. It goes into tissues, is swallowed by the cells. The cells go mad THAT is Normal Mailer in the epilogue of his famous novel 'The American Dream". Unfortunately in real life we are nowhere near the epilogue of the American dream. The edition of the novel that we read was dated 1965 (a British edition; Book Club choice and all that). That was the year Mailer's countrymen began pounding Vietnam with about twice as much bombing as Europe took during two world wars together. We had thought then that the novel which features Jack Kennedy on its opening pages and talks of cells going mad in its epilogue was a remarkably contemporary novel although, one must hasten to add, it is not at all a political novel.

New Phase in Sino-Soviet Relations

New Phase in Sino-Soviet Relations GPD The barbarian affairs are fundamentally difficult to manage, but the basic principles are no more than four words of Confucius


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