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The Active and the Passive

 distinctly to the fact thereby discovered, may be proved". Discovery of incriminating articles in consequence of statements to police fall under this exception. And we know how this provision has been abused.

The Satanic Fallacy

GPD THE famous American literary critic, the late Lionel Trilling, had once coined a term

Crime and Punishment in Czechoslovakia

Crime and Punishment in Czechoslovakia GPD WE did not realise that we would be required to return to Jazzova Secse so soon. Authorities in Prague seem determined to gain as much international notoriety as possible. The president and the general secretary of the jazz section were sentenced to imprisonment on March 11. The judgment on them said the work of the jazz section had considerable artistic value; what the Prague court objected to was that its activities were irregular and illegal. The section was ordered to be closed down in 1984. It did not. It continued to operate evidently in defiance of the legal order. The trial was postponed several times. Finally it took place on March 10 and 11. The defendants claimed that they were doing a 'humanitarian' service to their country. The state said that 'humanitarian' or otherwise, any service has to be legal and regular which the service rendered by the jazz section was not so. The closure followed when Karel SrP and Vladimir Kouril the chairman and the secretary respectively of the jazz section did not heed the warning of the authorities in Prague, went ahead and tried them. There was no question of the court accepting the defence of not-guilty for SrP and Kouril. A quarter century after Stalin's death, the arts are still taken to be a rather powerful force in eastern European societies. The last time when we referred to the jazz section we had cited a line or two of the section's manifesto (or from the several statements of its perspective on its own activities). Stalin took art seriously and went at everyone who, he and his bureaucracy thought was producing counter-revolutionary or reactionary or degenerate art. it appears that it is still the dominant view in eastern Lurope. liven the jazz section had rather grand eloquent ideas about what it was trying to do. SrP in his defence in the court talked of his section rendering 'humanitarian' service to his country. Why the arts are burdened with such heavy responsibilities is difficult to understand.

Treasure-Hunting in Southeast Asia

emanated from persons adept at playing around with figures, such as advisers and experts. They were probably under pressure from politicians to help relieve a gloomy picture with a rosier touch. In a fit of cither desperation or absentmindedness, they perhaps succumbed to doing something which they, at that particular point, might have considered as relatively harmless. Besides, they might have argued with themselves, they were not after all cheating all the way; the budget papers are intended for literate persons, such persons are not expected to neglect reading the relevant footnote, which explained everything.

Of Cricket, Peace and Bombs

policy or not, and the present writer has had a lot of misgivings on this count

Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth GPD NOBODY can say for certain when the Americans would reach their point of self- realisation. In recent years, however, this has not happened. The last time it had happened was in 1975 when Saigon fell. The American academia is still writing its books on that historic event. Nobody can beat it at that game. American academics have to write a book every couple of years and they have to champion some bright new theory of the world and reality every three years. They are deconstructing the world all the time. It is therefore only to be expected that this business of wiriting on Vietnam would go on for some more time. The Soviets, the Chinese and the Vietnamese and practically everyone else in the world have forgotten those years of insurgency, of fiery anti- imperialism. The Americans are back in Asia and with quite a bang, one must say. The second coming of the Americans in Asia was largely facilitated by the Chinese. Mao, Lin Biao, the gang of four and Deng Xiaoping have all been solicitous of them. The days of insurgency are way behind, almost forgotten. The Americans are still making sense of that experience. At no time in their history were they made to eat humble pie the way they were in Indochina. That was indeed the moment of truth.

Eurocentric Peace Movement

Eurocentric Peace Movement THERE would not be a single good liberal or a good 'leftist' of any variety who would not think well of nuclear disarmament. There might even be a good number of conservatives who would raise their hands in favour of ending the 'deathwish

Where Democracy and Modernisation Stop

game, at the end of which there will be only the silence of the grave. The youth in Assam are otherwise engaged, they are much too worked up, otherwise they could have been counselled that, rather than concentrating on the daunting statistics of numbers, they ought to concern themselves on the morphology of quasi-stagnancy in production and productivity. And the problem, they could have been gently reminded, is not specific to Assam, it is equally acutely relevant for the rest of the north-east as well as for most of the eastern states. If, thanks to the sudden coming into prominence of a discharged lance corporal from the army, the dilemma of the northern districts of West Bengal has of late been thrust to the fore, those afflicting the southern districts in the state are no different. The data are all there, at one's beck and call. All one has to do is to engage in a detailed listing of the eighty- odd districts of the eastern and north-eastern states and union territories, put down side by side the rate of growth of crop output and that of population for each; in the case of at least two-thirds of the districts, the former, it will be seen, trails the latter, so much so that per capita real income has dropped in each of these districts since the time the nation gave itself over to the five- year plans. The reason for this denouement is straight and simple: per capita investment in the vast majority of these districts has been altogether insignificant in the past thirty-odd years, and would not average to more than one-third of the average for all the other districts of the country. Much of the investment that has in fact taken place, for instance in the north-eastern region or the hill districts of northern Bengal, has been largely induced by the requirements of the army, such as roads and bridges in forlorn tracts. What has been considered as priority for the army is hardly priority for the people.

Deng s Last Tale

own a television set. Sooner ot later, some of the nation's poor will fall for the bait, and the peasant government's reportedly principal adviser on economic matters will turn out to be right. The nation's poor will not have the money to buy television sets, so what. The governments well-planned expenditure will be exclusively for the augmentation of the earnings of those who live in '7-star hotels', so what. Some amongst the poor who would like to lay their hands on a television set will not be deterred. In order to come to money which will permit them to acquire the televison sets, they will beg, borrow or steal. The limits to begging and borrowing are soon set in our country. Therefore, the majority of them will take recourse to stealing. In town and country, indigent young people will take to a life of crime, they will simply grab the television sets, by breaking the glass of the display windows of shops or by breaking into the house of maybe the government's principal economic spokesman. Blessed will be in that dawn to be alive.

The Gorbachev Utsav

alluding to the moral issue which the canonisation of smuggling, blackmarkete- ering, overand under-invoicing et al involves? Nobody perhaps cares any more for truth and integrity in this country whose official logo absentmindedly continues to flaunt the legend of truth always prevailing. The union finance minister has effected a moral revolution in this land of Gautam Buddha and Rabindranath Tagore and Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He has obliterated the distinction between honesty and chicanery, between rectitude and skulduggery, between cleanliness and dirty deeds. It will be weird to enquire whether he is an intensely moral person, for he has ordained that there is no dividing line between morality and immorality. In India, from now on, you will be able to get away with murder as it will be awesomely difficult to establish, given the new principles of living and thinking introduced with such hoopla, that murder is a non-desirable pursuit. The hedonists, at long last, have inherited this bit of earth known as India that is Bharat.

Red Orchestra vs Chorus of Blues

'Red Orchestra' vs 'Chorus of Blues' GPD THE Rand Corporation is a very significant think tank of the American foreign and defence policy-makers. Sometimes they come out with very perceptive reading of the moves of what the corporation calls "communist imperialism". It is not that they alone are perceptive. They are so important that their being perceptive matters. If our memory docs not fail us the Rand Corporation had come out with an interpretation of the address Lin Biao had delivered in 1965 to mark the twentieth anniversary of the victory of China in the anti-Japanese war. The bombing of Vietnam had begun in February 1965. The Rand Corporation's interpretation of the Lin Biao address was that China was not going to intervene in Vietnam, that is, send its troops to fight in Vietnam. A year earlier, in 1964, a news item in Washington Post (again if our memory does not lail us) had already signalled the same by listing out the conditions under which the Chinese troops would actually move into Vietnam, There was no question of all these conditions being met, thus necessitating the Chinese intervention.

Who s a Third World Writer

ECONOMIC AND POLlTlCAL WEEKLY cither system, there is tremendous emphasis on the role of piety in administration. Under oriental despotism, kings were wont to keep the subjects in line by occasional offer of bounty The principal executive officer of an American Corporation similarly keeps a slush fund into which he occasionally dips to reward this or that employee upon whom he takes a fancy. The anti-poverty programmes are a bit like the slush fund: they are not intended to eradicate poverty, but to ensure that the poor stay in line. And in case they tend to misbehave, have no fear, one can always push up the export of inferior grains and thus push up their prices; that will teach the poor a lesson.


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