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No Study and All Play Makes for a Happy Birthday

No Study and All Play Makes for a Happy Birthday GPD THE Tiananmen Square incidents of six months ago still refuse to be a part of forgotten history. The Chinese are discovering this much to their dismay. There are fall-outs of different kinds and in widely different areas. It turns out that there will not be a single graduate from the prestigious Beijing University in the year 1993. The reason for this is simple. AH the eight hundred recruits who were going to begin their university career this year have been dispatched for one year's military training. The idea clearly is to spread this tendency. The students have not still understood a modern dominant state. Even the Tiananmen Square incidents have left the people and the students rather distant from each other. There is still no meeting ground.

The Ice Has Begun to Shift

The Ice Has Begun to Shift The damage to the socialist societies has been considerable. No Gorbachev or Krenz is likely to be able to undo it, not immediately anyway. But that is not as material as that Gorbachev (or Krenz) has seen the damage

Bourgeois Liberalisation Times

Bourgeois Liberalisation Times GPD The rhetoric currently being employed in some socialist states would suggest that the free inflow of capital is not as dangerous as a free newspaper. No wonder American ideas are so dominant everywhere, for that is a typical American idea.

Cat Killing Mice

GPD What has happened in Tiananmen Square in Beijing has nothing to do with socialism. How does it matter if the cat is black or white if it catches mice, Deng had asked. The cat has killed the students, but to argue that it has done so because it is red is patently untenable.

Gorbachev and the Chinese Students

Gorbachev and the Chinese Students GPD About his trip to Beijing Gorbachev could well claim, as Nixon had in 1972, and with greater justification perhaps that we are witness to a week "that has changed the world" It certainly has changed the Chinese world. Indeed this must be the first time in Chinese history that a foreign head of government has been so warmly welcomed and rated above the Chinese leadership by the urban Chinese.

Perestroika for the Revolutionaries...

Gorbachev has proposed more 'civilised terms for class struggle, but Afghanistan, El Salvador, Grenada and Chile are reminders that the time for 'civilised,' forms of class-conflict are still many, many years away as far as the coloured world is concerned.

Playing the Western Game

Playing the Western Game GPD The tragic aspect of the Satanic Verses episode, as tragic as the death-call for Rushdie, is the extraordinary concern with inheriting the preoccupations of the advanced world. From Imam Khomeini to the liberals in India, everybody is worried about what the white world would think of us.

India and China Ringing Out the Old

India and China: Ringing Out the Old GPD Beijing Review had not been allowed into India for years because it did not meet the high standards of 'friendliness' we expected from China. The ban was lifted on the eve of Rajiv Gandhi's visit to Beijing. The windows between the two countries are open again. But how long will they remain open? And then, the mere restoration of dialogue between the two countries cannot be a substitute for a well-formulated China policy IN 1983 we happened to be in the Peoples' Republic of China. A visit to the Foreign Languages Publishing House was in order. After browsing through some of their publications and magazines we placed some orders and entered our subscription for some Chinese periodicals. One of them was The Beijing Review, The man in charge accepted the subscriptions on the con dition that the Foreign Languages Publishing House would not be responsible if the, issues did not reach us. We had entered three-year subscriptions. Copies of Red Flag came. The Social Sciences in China also reached us. The Beijing Review, however, never did. We could not quite believe in 1983 that there were or could be problems in the Beijing Review reaching Indian soil. But there were.

Blackmail Works

Blackmail Works GPD What those who demanded and secured the ban on The Satanic Verses have demonstrated is the efficacy of a threat strategy: if you don't do this or that we shall see to it that a few hundred people would be killed.

Why Is the PM Going to China

Why Is the PM Going to China? GPD It is a pity that the prime minister is going to China without a China policy. THERE. is a little incident in Maha bharuta. When Krishna was negotiating a settlement between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, he pleaded with Duryodhana that five towns should he ceded to the Pandavas. That would rule out war. If he were talking a modern language, he would have almost said give those five towns along the Yamuna river and the two of us could sign a treaty of peace and friend- ship. Duryodhana, however, rejected the offer. He thundered: let alone live towns, not even the speck of dust on a needlepoint would be conceded to the Pandavas. Duryodhana's thunder and 'patriotic outburst did not do him any good. Perhaps to launch B B Chopra'a Ma ha bharuta Rajiv Gandhi has made a statement very similar to the one by Duryodhana. He seems unaware of what harm ill-advised arrogance can do. He is asking for trouble. Announcing his decision to visit Beijing in December he asserted that no territory will be ceded to the Chinese. Brave indeed! When Duryodhana made that famous reply he was actually in possession of those five towns. For him it was a question of giving them away. With Rajiv Gandhi the problem is that the territory in question is China's possession. He is trying to be brave about something which by his own reckoning is lost 10 him. What then is the meaning of his statement that he will not cede any territory to China? Presumably he means that there will be no further cession of territory. Maybe he means that there will be no agreement with the Chinese which will legitimise what they have claimed to be their territory. Does he mean that Chinese possession of Aksai Chin is not acceptable to him? Does he further mean that if the Chinese were to raise the question of Arunachal Pradesh he will not make any concession? Further still, does he mean that he will not entertain the Chinese questioning of Sikkim being made a part of the Indian Republic? Or does he simply mean that a brave and patriotic statement might go down well with the Indian masses and so his script-writers have been permitted this liberty? Duryodhana was clear, Rajiv Gandhi is not, or so it would seem.

Zias Legacy

Zia's Legacy GPD In his eleven years in power Zia took Pakistan almost irrevocably away from south Asia where it historically and politically belonged and put it firmly in the west Asian orbit.

The Chinese City

The Chinese City Deng's China seems to be confident that 'Chinese' culture, i e, nationalism can be an overriding factor in bringing about the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland. But Kuomintang does not appear all that keen on a reunification based on the suggested principle of 'one country, two systems'.


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