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You Are Classical, I Am Classical!

Only in India would you expect to see the central government decide which language is "classical" and which one is not. Sanskrit, Tamil, and now Kannada and Telugu have been decreed by the State as classical languages, while the government of Kerala has taken up the cause of Malayalam. But why not Marathi, Bangla, Assamese, Oriya or even Hindi? The irony is that even as there is a scramble to acquire classical status, whatever that may mean, all the Indian languages are becoming more and more irrelevant to the politics and economics of the country.

Whose Lines Are They Anyway?

It is all one big confusion of lines. The opposition in Singur borrowed its lines from familiar left rhetoric, bombast that should have belonged to the other player in the drama over Tatas' small car project.

Theatre of the (Tragic) Absurd

The drama over the bribe operations and buying of MPs had all the characteristics of a third rate comedy. Except that, it is turning out to be tragic.

One for the (Cyber) Road

The Marathi Sahitya Sammelans have been the victim of the crass vulgarity that characterises our literary culture.

Politics of Art

M F Husain comes from Pandharpur, known in history as the capital of protest. Husain's paintings must be judged by the criterion of aestheticism and not on the grounds of "blasphemy". There is no word for blasphemy in Sanskrit or Pali, or in the Hindu and Buddhist texts. It is clear that the entire campaign against Husain is meant to show a Muslim's "contempt" for Hinduism.

In Case You Want to Teach

A code of conduct issued by the government of Maharashtra for the teachers in secondary, senior secondary schools and junior colleges is another example of the mindless distrust of people that currently dominates in the state. A discussion of the ridiculous dos and don'ts to teachers.

Of Sons and Foster Sons

This is the age of sons and foster sons, daughters and foster daughters occupying high positions in party and government. They are helped into position by armies of sycophants.

Towards the Fourth Knock or an Interlude?

The recent Pakistani elections bring to mind the play called Teesri Dastak (Third Knock) that showed how after every so-called return to democracy in Pakistan, the military knocks on the door. Will there be a fourth knock this time?

Caste Is Dead, Long Live Caste

Pune witnessed two grand caste congregations recently. Though the aims of the two seemed different, they were actually exercises in caste identity assertion.

Moditva and the Shrinking of the Liberal Space

In his election campaign, Narendra Modi provided a celebration of the anti-political in the highly urbanised state of Gujarat. The Congress, even in its use of the vernacular, showed how inept a party it was. But the worrying message from the elections is a collective failure to find a strategy for combating Hindu chauvinism.

Sleeping with the Enemy

The Indo-US nuclear deal seems to be dead. The Congress has now realised that it did not read the left very well. The party may try to revive the deal after the next elections if it retains office, but it could find itself sleeping with the same enemy.

Myth and History

The controversy over the existence of Ramsetu was generated by the government's attempt to settle a matter it was not called upon to settle.


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