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Social Change and the Joint Family-The Causes of Research Biases

September 6, 1969 as it is intended. Besides, since the programmes are to be executed primarily by the States, the purposes and application of funds will vary from one area to another. Nor does the solution lie in leaving fund-raising entirely to the States, notwithstanding the successes of the recent capital issues of the Mysore and Tamil Nadu Housing Boards. Such successes, even if repeated, will mean a piecemeal approach and will not build up an institutional framework which, by definition, has to integrate the fund needs of the various Government and other agencies inter sc An interesting suggestion made recently is to set up a long-term fund under the aegis of the Reserve Bank of India on the lines of the National Agricultural Credit (long-term operations/ stabilisation) Funds. Contributions to such a fund could be built up over a period of 10-15 years from the Centre as also from other sources like the Employees Provident Fund. The proposed Housing Fund can be operated by a National Housing Corporation and the purposes to which the fund will be applied may be (i) to subscribe to capital issues from State Housing Boards; (ii) to provide loans to State Governments to enable purchase of share capital in Apex Housing Finance Societies; (iii) to provide refinance to scheduled banks giving advances for housing; (iv) to operate a mortgage insurance system to secure bank advances; and (v) to provide loan assistance to major housing schemes.
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