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Shedding the BIMARU Tag

The states of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan have been striving hard in the last decade to get rid of their BIMARU label. They have made impressive strides in the field of health and education, and their efforts to boost growth and mitigate poverty are worth noting.

Chambal Valley Development Project: Unequal Distribution of Gains

There has been an unequal distribution of the net gains between Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan from the Chambal Valley Development Project. Among other things, the restrictions on harvesting of surface water in the catchment area of the Gandhi Sagar dam have resulted in huge ecological and social costs to the people of Malwa region in the state. The share of Rajasthan in the net available water from the project is far greater than the water utilised by MP. Since the latter is unable to utilise more water in its area, it should be allowed to utilise its share in the catchment area of Gandhi Sagar.

Rainfall and Run-Off

Ecological changes in the catchment area of the Gandhi Sagar Dam have led not only to changes in the quantum and pattern of rainfall, but also its relationship with the run-off in the reservoir. Erratic water flows have rendered the dam unsafe and arrangements for surplus storage insufficient.

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