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Capitalism and Globalisation, Dalits and Adivasis

To ask dalits, women and others to simply "fight globalisation" at the cost of taking up real democratic demands, without carrying out a real analysis and understanding of how to deal with the situation they find themselves in, is a recipe for disaster. It may also be a recipe for keeping the leadership of any movement concentrated among a male, upper caste elite as well as one for becoming politically irrelevant. What is needed is an alternative not only to the present system, but also to the left and ecological challenges to it.

Women in Governance in South Asia

Even though south Asia claims some of the most powerful women leaders of the world, the overall political participation by women remains dismal. The obstacles to women's equal participation in governance in these countries are embedded in socio-cultural patterns of living and the intensely competitive nature of politics. This article examines various women empowerment initiatives like community management, local governance and reservations. It also analyses the representation of women in parliaments of these countries and suggests that what is needed is not a retreat from demanding quotas, but a consideration of the most useful forms of such reservations. Along with this, women's representation in the bureaucracy and in the structures of political parties also has to be increased.

Gender, Myth and Reality

Gender, Myth and Reality From Myths to Markets: Essays on Gender edited by Kumkum Sangari and Uma Chakravarty; Manohar and Indian Institute of Advanced Study, 1999; pp xxx + 395,

Towards a Theory of 'Brahmanic Patriarchy'

Rewriting History: The Life and Times of Pandita Ramabai by Uma Chakravarty. After initial studies of the social history of the Buddhist period, historian Uma Chakravarty has turned to larger scale investigations of gender, caste and class in ancient Indian history.

Jats and Their Union

Rivalry and Brotherhood: Politics in the Life of Farmers in Northern India by Dipankar Gupta; Oxford University Press, Delhi, 1997; pp xi + 218, Rs 450.

In Search of the Indian Nation

In Search of the Indian Nation Gail Omvedt Nationalism without a Nation in India by G Aloysius; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 1997; pp 261.

In Defence of Smallholding Farmers

In Defence of Smallholding Farmers Gail Omvedt Smallholders, Householders: Farm Families and the Ecology of Intensive, Sustainable Agriculture by Robert McC Netting; Stanford University Press, California, 1993; pp xxi + 389.

Maharashtra Politics of Culture-Rajarshree Shahu University (Pune)

The Bahujan Samaj Party's demand, raised at a seminar in Pune at the end of last month, to rename Poona University after Shahu Chhatrapati is a political one which takes its significance from the entire history of caste relations in Maharashtra, most particularly the troubled connections and contradictions between the social movement and the national movement.

Of Brahmins, Sacred and Socialist

Swadeshi Economy for War of Economic Independence against Economic Imperialism by M G Bokare; Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Mumbai, 1993; Rs 3.

Dialogue of the Bhoodevatas: Sacred Brahmins versus Socialist Brahmins by V T Rajshekhar; Dalit Sahitya Academy, 109/7th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore; Rs 20.



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