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New Economic Policy, Voluntary Organisation and Rural Poor

While globalisation, liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation are the focus of the New Economic Policy at the macro level it is important to get a clear understanding of both the threats and the opportunities emerging out of these processes at the micro level for individuals, families and local communities.

Dilemma of Technological Choice-The Case of the Small Tractor

The Case of the Small Tractor G S Aurora Ward Morehouse In this article the authors have taken up a single developmental event to illustrate the conflicts which invariably accompany attempts to introduce indigen ms technology in the face of the existing preference for foreign technology. The paper thus indicates certain fundamental issues that need to be resolved before indigenous technology can flourish.

Sociology of Science-Problems and Issues

Problems and Issues G S Aurora What are the substantive areas for research and thinking in the sociology of science?
Three kinds of basic questions are posed by a social scientist in any specific field of study. The first centres around the structure and function of relationships within or between groups or categories; the second is concerned with the relationship between an individual's biography and the group's or category's history; and the third set of questions touches upon the norms, values, ideas and ideologies which underpin relationships between individuals and groups.

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