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Separatist Movement in Andhra Pradesh-Shadow and Substance

The facts relating to employment show beyond doubt that only a small fraction of the people of Andhra Pradesh, that is, those who are in or seek state government employment, have a stake in the operation of the mulki rules or otherwise. It is this section which has successfully managed to give the appearance of having a wide social interest to a movement which obviously represents the sectional interest of a small group.

Is There an Alternative to Radical Land Ceiling

operation. Its success depends upon the degree in which it caters to allocative efficiency in the economy. Distributional considerations arc important; but let them supplement the rule of efficiency, not supplant it. Let not banking be yet another prey to the decommercialisation of a commercial service.

Season-Wise Progress of High-Yielding Varieties

in Andhra Pradesh Role of Economic Variables G Parthasarathy D S Prasad It was hoped that HYV rice cultivation would be taken to vigorously and that it would have a very sizeable impact on production. But, in fact, its progress has been far slower than expected, and slower in kharif than in rabi.

Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 1970-A Critical Review

This paper attempts to critically examine the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy (Amendment) Act, 1970 and analyse the conditions necessary for the success of the Act in the light of studies relating to the implementation of the Andhra Tenancy Act, 1956.

HYV Programme Variables that Matter-A Comment

HYV Programme: Variables that Matter A Comment G Parthasarathy D Haranatha Babu IN the context of the 'Green Revolution' there has been a controversy whether the existing agrarian structure, in particular the prevalence of insecure tenancy, is conducive to the spread of the new technology'. One view has been that the present defective tenurial system blocks the progress of adoption of the new technology. P K Mukherjee in his recent article "HYV Programme

Economics of IR 8 Paddy-Factors Influencing Its Adoption in a Tank Irrigated District

Factors Influencing Its Adoption in a Tank Irrigated District G Parthasarathy Economic status more than any other variable has a decisive influence on the rates of participation in the IR 8 programme in Visakhapatnam district. Good extension methods could, however, induce small cultivators to participate in the programme.


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