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The Importance of Diego Garcia

The Importance of Diego Garcia G P Deshpande IT was perhaps Walter Lippmann who once opined that clinging to the Asian mainland, as the Americans were doing in Vietnam, was the most disastrous course for American foreignpolicy to follow. A bloody war in Vietnam and over a hundred and fifty thousand casualties have taught the Americans a useful lesson that it is not particularly necessary to cling to the Asian, mainland. Control of the seas was enough. The recent British decision to let Americans build a base on Diego Garcia

CHINA-Of Divine Horses and Reactionary Sages

Of Divine Horses and Reactionary Sages G P Deshpande Lin Piao talked about "innate genius' and of himself as "the divine horse galloping in the sky above and above all.

WEST ASIA-For Whom the Fight Goes On

Thanom Kittikachom, said that was impossible as it would take at least three years to draft a constitution. To prove him wrong the students began drafting one themselves. (One of the assurances on the basis of which the Thai students have now suspended their struggle is that the new Prune Minister will ensure that a constitution will he drafted within six months.) Before launching their massive demonstrations on October 13, the Thai students had led many small hut successful fights. In June they had forced the Rector of Bamkamhaeng University to resign and at Udorn Teachers Training College 500 students had boycotted classes to force the removal of the Principal and the distinction between external vmd internal students. In July they had forced the military rulers to suspend WEST ASIA their decree which allowed military cadets to enter Thai universities without taking the entrance examination.

Not So Correctly Handling the Contradictious among the People

September 8, 1973 The response of the peasants was enthusiastic.
By now the landlords were beginning to get alarmed at what looked like open floating of their 'authority after hundreds of years, They decided to launch a counter-offensive to terrorise the peasants into submission. Their first decision was to eliminate the peasant leadership. Four days after the mass rally, on July 12, Yadav was cornered by the landlords in a narrow lane and hacked to dealth (Times of of India, July 15). The landlords felt sure that the peasants would take fright and their newly found confidence would evaporate. But so Jar this has not happened. Under the leadership of Sardar, the people's anger and determination to fight have only grown as a result of the murder of Baijnath Vadav.

And Ever the Twain Shall Meet

And Ever the Twain Shall Meet G P Deshpande IT was that most formidable of the "communist demons", Loon Trotsky, who once said that Europe had produced two great things: one a great ideology and the other a great technology. It was his view that while the ideology travelled east, the technology travelled west. The two, he insisted, had to meet. His dream, it seems, is coming true; except that on the way it has become a nightmare. The technology that he talked about has over the years demonstrated, in Vietnam and elsewhere, what a monstrous force it can be. As regards the ideology, nobody seems to know what it means or ever meant. At any rate, the latest American rendezvous with Comrade Brezhnev, which ended on Monday, the 25th, had very little to do with it.

Tibet and the Musketeers

demand now is removal of the VC, "if the university was to be saved". The University had to be closed sine die on December 2, 1972, after some 20 days of violence, arson, looting and assault on students and teachers alike. The RSS- led Student Action Committee, which was mainly responsible for the closure, then launched a campaign for the university's reopening. Yet, when the university started to function again from February 28, the Committee launched another agitation re-creating anarchy.

In Search of The Way

need a certain audacity in your decision, makers to push history forward: some great purges or some intense sufferings usually precede a spectacular breakthrough in the level of capital formation, which is what finally determines growth. Since that is not to be, one must, without cheer, wait for the prospect of an excruciating mediocrity bearing down on human conditions around this neighbourhood.

Swaran Singh Model of Foreign Policy

December 23, 1972 Not content with their 18-year-old involvement with the "Asian liars", the Canadians now want to be on any new control commission to supervise a possible ceasefire in South Vietnam. Convinced that the world cannot do without their presence in a supervisory body, the Canadians are now laying down conditions on which they will be prepared to serve in Vietnam. But who has invited them to join a new commission? Only the US has privately told the Canadians that it would like them to be on any new supervisory body. And the truth is that if Canada ever gets into a new commission, it will be only as the representative of the US and not as an impartial supervisor.

CHINA AND JAPAN-The Night of the East Has Dawned

October 7, 1972 CHINA AND JAPAN The Night of the East Has Dawned G P Deshpande She [China] prides herself on being Middle Flowery Land In inverse proportion to the barbarity of her heart; Unless we destroy her ignorance The night of the East will never dawn

CHINA- Fall of Lin Piao

also believed that it was only under a federal framework that the rights of the minority community could be effectively safeguarded. In 1956, with S W R D Bandaranaike switching his stance from parity of Tamil and Sinhalese as official languages to Sinhalese only as the official language provided substance to the fears of the Federal Party leaders as was evident in the election results of 1956: the Federal Party bagged 10 out of 16 seats in Tamil majority areas and since then has been maintaining its dominant position in 'Ceylon Tamil' politics, 24 India, Lok Sabha Debates, Vol 55,

A Week That Did Not Quite Change the World

A Week That Did Not Quite Change the World G P Deshpande IT reflected the remarkable sense of history that the Chinese have that they should have chosen to take the chieftain of the West, President Nixon, to Shanghai. There is no other city in China which has seen more of the dominance of the West and the humiliation of the Chinese than Shanghai. This was the city where once the imperial powers reigned supreme. They had their own laws and their own concessions. They would not let Chinese and dogs enter their parks. It was fitting that the American President should go to that city and exchange jokes with Chinese workers'.


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