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Talking of and with China

The near-hyperbolic response to prime minister Vajpayee's visit to China shows how far removed the India-China relationship has been from normalcy. It would appear that we shall keep talking of China but not quite with it.

Expanse of Provincial History

Expanse of Provincial History Intersections: Socio-Cultural Trends in Maharashtra edited by Meera Kosambi; Orient Longman, Hyderabad, 2000;
G P DESHPANDE The book under review is a part of a series of publications which bring together papers presented at various conferences on the history and culture of Maharashtra. These conferences have been a major get-together of some very fine minds working on mostly modern Maharashtra. The first such conference took place in Toronto in March 1984. The conferences have been followed by publications (in book form) of the papers presented there. This is the third such collection that the present reviewer is writing about. The conference in Toronto was followed by similar exercises in Pune (twice), Heidelberg, the State University of Arizona, Mumbai, Moscow and Sydney. Although it is not expressly stated in the book, the papers collected in this volume were presented at the Mumbai conference as the editor was one of the two conveners of that meeting.

A Taibei Diary

In today's Taiwan one comes across a confident economic society. What is at stake is the Taiwanese polity, not because of any internal weaknesses but because the international situation has put a big question mark over its survival. There is a political discourse in Taiwan which is very close to cold war rhetoric. The counterpoint is still 'Communist China'. The logic of this situation is that the US will have an interventionist presence in the Taiwan Straits, which makes the future of the area, not just of Taiwan, far from easy to predict.

Philosophical Discourse in Modern Marathi

While there is the classical tradition in Sanskrit and Pali which is fairly well recognised, the world of Indian philosophy is not and cannot be restricted to the Sanskrit and Prakrit traditions. This essay is an attempt to underline a few concerns - not necessarily central from everybody's perspective - which have dominated Marathi thought for well over a century.

A Still Moment in a Volatile Situation

The rise of the Sino-Indian relationship was essentially a political phenomenon. Its fall came when the political climate soured. Its revival, if it is to occur, will have to recover that lost political ground. Precisely for that reason, Li Peng's visit last year and Zhu Rongji's recent visit have yielded very little. It would appear that the Chinese, very much like the Americans, are at a loss when it comes to understanding south Asia. They seem to be, like the Americans, far more comfortable dealing with Pacific Asia.

Issue, Dispute and the Word

The Agra summit had its share of word-play which would have delighted a Panini's or Hegel's heart.

'In a Permitted Space'

Sri Lankan Theatre in a Time of Terror: Political Satire in a Permitted Space by Ranjini Obeysekere; Sage, New Delhi, 1999; pp 209, Rs 225 (pb).

P L Deshpande, 1919-2000

Man's achievement, a line in Mahabharata says, cannot be greater than destiny. With a writer such as P L Deshpande, most Maharashtrians would argue, one sees an achievement larger than destiny.

Cultural Reorientation: A Northern View

G P Deshpande Cultural Reorientation in Modern India edited by Indu Banga and Jaidev; Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, 1996; pp 419, Rs 500.


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