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Police and Porn

Police and Porn A G Noorani Police authorities in Maharashtra have urged the state government to empower them to confiscate 'obscene material' directly, without first having to register an offence. But. surely, the better course is for the concerned government departments to expedite action on police reports rather than make policemen judges of pornography.

Governing Fractured Polities

Sri Lanka: Problems of Governance edited by K M de Silva; pp xvi+425,
Bangladesh: Problems of Governance by Rehman Sobhan; pp xii+295,
Nepal: Problems of Governance by Lok Raj Baral; pp xiii+241, Rs 250.

Challenge of Power-Sharing in Sri Lanka

in terms of scholarly practice.
The following chapter also has the author moving back and forth across this divide. Here he provides a valuable historical perspective to the theory of non-party political formations, put forward by Rajni Kothari, D L Sheth, Harsh Sethi, and others. He remarks on the diversity of action groups in the colonial period Gandhian swaraj ashrams, groups for women's uplift, left wing organisation among lower castes and tribals pointing out that these formed an integral pan of the party political process. By contrast, the leadership of action groups in the present most often comes not from party workers, of left, centre or right, but from alienated middle class intellectuals who. in a previous age. would have gravitated more easily to the Congress or the communists.

No Right to Vote

No Right to Vote A G Noorani How can the election officials explain the deletion from the 1995 electoral rolls of persons who had diligently exercised their franchise in every election since independence? Instead of admitting their lapse, they are using Form 6 as provided under the Registration of Electors Rules as a fig-leaf.

Police as Film Censors

A G Noorani The Censor Board of Film Certification, by referring to the police the film Bombay on the ground that it dealt with a sensitive event, has mode a mockery of the law.

Students Rights

Students' Rights A G Noorani The issues raised by the Campus Committee for Academic Freedom set up in Bombay University, most importantly that of freedom of speech and expression for students within the campus, should provide the occasion for a serious effort to draw up a charter of students' rights and duties.

Wreckage of Pakistan s Afghan Policy

been hijacked by the introduction of postmodernism. The latter has challenged the epistemic validity of the ethnographic texts and thereby questioned the very foundation on which the discipline was formed. The deconstruction of the ethnological narrative has put the field itself and its method, fieldwork, into a maze of methodological and epistemological problems, if not into complete disrepute. Beyond Patronage and Exploitation, by asserting a 'traditional' methodology, reaffirms the necessity and the need for fieldwork to explore, understand and analyse changes taking place in society. If Patronage and Exploitation showed the relevance of an interdisciplinary approach to village studies, Beyond Patronage and Exploitation suggests the need to understand the dynamics of processes in the villages in terms of regional and countrywide circuits of labour and capital. These circuits, together with their impact on agrarian relations and particularly the landless, can only be studied by doing fieldwork. In fact it is difficult to find a comparable work that studies the vicissitudes of the landless poor over a 30- year period with such sensitivity while maintaining incisive analytic rigour. This book is testimony to the fact that one's First World status does not necessarily mediate in the construction of the knowledge of the 'natives'. The publication of Patronage and Exploitation gave a certain direction to anthropological work; Beyond Patronage and Exploitation is certain to become an important signpost in the trends that are remaking social science in India.

States Minorities Commissions

States' Minorities Commissions A G Noorani The first report of the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission contains useful information not only on the commission's work but also on the minority situation as it actually is.

UN Human Rights Rapporteurs Censure India

UN Human Rights Rapporteurs Censure India A G Noorani The reports of the two Special Rapporteurs of the UN's Economic and Social Council on 'extra-judicial executions' and on 'torture and other inhuman treatment' as well as Amnesty International's report on 'disappearances ' present exposures of outrages perpetrated by the Indian security forces. Here is ample material for the National Human Rights Commission to work on, if it is serious about its mandate.

Kashmir and A Farcical Human Rights Commission

By his ex cathedra pronouncements on the relative responsibility of the militants and the security forces for human rights violations in Kashmir, Ranganath Mishra has confirmed the apprehensions expressed when the National Human Rights Commission was set up and his own appointment as its chairman was announced.

Film Censorship and Freedom

Partly as a genuine reaction to the abuse of freedom for mercenary ends but largely as a manoeuvre which exploits the abuse for political ends, moves are afoot in New Delhi to curb the freedom of the film- maker. But there is no sign of any united effort to awaken the public to the dangers inherent in the government's plan.

International Red Cross and India

International Red Cross and India A G Noorani The government's decision to allow the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit Jammu and Kashmir has earned it much credit But the visit would prove futile if the committee's proposals for providing humanitarian services in the state are rejected.


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