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Made Snana: Indignity in the Name of Tradition?

The practice of made snana in some temples in Karnataka during which devotees, mainly from the lower castes, roll over the banana leaves from which brahmins have eaten, has come in for censure and debate. The state government withdrew a ban on the practice recently, ostensibly because of a "scientifi c interpretation" that it "cures" skin disorders. Can the invocation to tradition justify a humiliating and undignifi ed practice?

Privatisation of Common Property Resources-Lessons from Rural Karnataka

Lessons from Rural Karnataka G K Karanth This paper examines the experience of privatising the common property resources (CPRs) over a period of 50-100 years in one village. The two main questions addressed here are; How does the process of privatisation of CPRs take place? Who benefits from such a process?

New Technology and Traditional Rural Institutions-Case of Jajmani Relations in Karnataka

Institutions Case of Jajmani Relations in Karnataka G K Karanth This paper attempts to answer the question whether changes in technology and introduction of commercial crops are sufficient causes of bringing about a change in traditional agrarian relations, ft is argued that while some changes do occur in agrarian relations as a result of new technology and introduction of commercial crops, traditional agrarian relations continue in some form or another. To demonstrate this thesis, the author has chosen the institutions of jajmani relations as one aspect of agrarian relations in a Karnataka village.
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