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Educational Inequalities among Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra

Despite a century old struggle for social and political reform and independence, literacy levels remain discouragingly low among substantial sections of the scheduled castes in Maharashtra. However, the rise in literacy rates has been marked by variations within the scheduled castes as borne out by census reports from 1961 onwards. The variations are based on levels of development, the migrancy factor and willingness to take on newer occupations, as well as traditions of hierarchy that continue to persist in the social system.

Universalising Primary Education

in with the anti-modernists is that he often equates (or derives) this quite correct understanding of the Indian state with a more generalised rejection of enlightenment conceptions of sovereignty an equation (or derivation) that requires more steps of argument than he gives, or perhaps can be given, But even so, his work is not at all marred by Nandy's nostalgia.

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