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A Year Later: Cairo, October 2012

A frequent traveller to Cairo recounts her experiences of a city which went through an iconic "revolution" and provides glimpses of a city and country coming to terms with a new politics of hope.

Sex and the Feminist

This article has been written as a response to a talk by Gloria Steinem in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, earlier this year. While the immense provocation of some of the political assumptions of the talk inform the tone of this piece, it also is an attempt to grapple with what is one of the least addressed areas of mainstream feminist theorising - the relationship between sex and work. This preliminary reflection is an attempt to rescue labour from modernist imperialist frames for instance, the rights discourse. It seeks to address frontally the ‘problem’ of sex most often theorised in the context of sexuality, family, or even ' love'. What happens then if we shift the ground and make sex the site for understanding labour? While the labouring body has been studied in many different contexts such as factories, fields etc., it is striking that there is a tremendous anxiety doing the same in the context of sex. It is this anxiety that this brief paper wishes to draw attention to, as indeed to the implications it has for messy terrain of what is seen as 'feminist' politics.

Cartoons, Textbooks and Politics of Pedagogy

The outrage in Parliament over the Shankar cartoon and the NCERT textbooks is one born out of a misrecognition of the visual content of the cartoon and a peculiar reading of the pedagogical intent of these well crafted books. It is useful to look at this outrage in the context of the new critical scholarship and struggles that emerged following the appalling textbooks introduced by the NDA regime in its earlier tenures.

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