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WEST BENGAL-Of Jails and Communists

devout, more specifically the devout who do not owe allegiance to Rama Rao, who have raised the old theme of 'Caesar vs God' wondering if the government will not misuse TTD funds which in any case ought to be controlled by the TTD Board alone. The question when posed like this becomes confused in Andhra Pradesh where Caesar (Rama Rao) is for many a local incarnation of the God. Naturally, therefore, the Telugu Desam party has justified its action by asking rhetorically "Can Rama Rao deceive God?" The matter may have rested there if not for the fact that the new government has nominated to the TTD Board a TOP MLA who happens to be an active member of a Rationalist Association and whose devotion to God is suspect! ! In short, Rama Rao has been bogged down in the first few weeks in office in a financial muddle that in all fairness to him was not of his own making. Stuck with this deficit on the one hand and the need to redeem at least some of his promises to the electorate on the other, he is being forced into levying a stiff dose of taxation. It could not come now since he wants to be popular for some more time. Nevertheless it will have to come. Rama Rao's honeymoon would then be over.

WEST BENGAL- Police A Law unto Themselves

North-east was made up of seven partners of equal standing and that there was no question of imposition . of Assamese on Assam's hill people. The main purpose of holding the session at Diphu was to get at least some sections of the hill people and their leadership involved and interested in the Sabha's programmes. Whether the Sabha has really succeeded in this and whether it has been, even if partially, able to neutralise the influence of the Bodo Sahitya Sabha, the organisation which claims to speak on behalf of the Bodos, remains to be seen; The Sdihhysi Sabha's growing political role becomes apparent from the President's annual address which not only dwelt with the problem of foreigners in the state but also emphasised that the Sabha would not allow Assam to be converted into a 'colony of India'. Defending the rights of the small states within the Indian Republic, Sitanath Brahmachoudhury demanded that the Centre should take steps to prevent a situation "whereby small states would be wiped out or weakened". While asserting the right of the Assamese people to fight for their cultural and linguistic identity, the Sabha President accused the government of trying to set up a new Sahitya ,Sabha "with some literateurs with Government following". The Sabha President declared that, if necessary, yet another agitation would be launched "to give a rightful place to the Assamese language and also for its wider use", The Presidential,address, which was sharply critical of the government, marked a strong departure from earlier such addresses.


posed by a formal abolition of Polyva- lency, the management has begun to abolish it de facta by .slowing down greatly, with a view to stopping them altogether in future, the frequency of transfers from one skill to another

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